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Jon Favreau was born with his birth name as Jonathan Koila “Jon” Favreau was born on October 19, 1966. Jon is 49 years old in his age and his birthplace is located in Flushing, Queens of New York. Being an actor, comedian, and a filmmaker he is mostly recognized by his performance within Rudy Swingers which was writer by himself and the other notable works of him includes Chef and The Break- Up as his best works undertaken. Jon mother name is Madeleine who was professionally working as a teacher being a s sociated within elementary school. Later his mother in the year 1979 died because of Leukemia. His father was also a teacher by his profession whose name is Charles Favreau who was also education teacher special being a s sociated within the same school belonging from French- Canadian ancestry mixed and Italian being of Catholic.

During the early career of his time Jon became a part of Hebrew School and later in the year 1984 he was a part of Bronx High School of Science. During the start of 1984 to 1987,  he also joined towards Queens College and he was very studios in his academic portion. Due to his more interest in film line, he moved towards Chicago for his filmy career and education and did his amazing performances in the theater during the early time. With the very first offer of a role in Sleeperhit Rudy in the year 1993, he got an offer to play along with Sean Astin in the very time as well as he was also been featured in many of the small roles during the very time.

Jon is a married man since 2000 and till today, he is a very stable and long lasting going upon the married life with his spouse. Being the father of 3 children he is totally responsible and family oriented in his nature. The name of his spouse is Joya Tillem who is professionally working as a physician as her professional identity. This November they are celebrating their marriage anniversary and organizing a private event. Jon children names are Max, Madeleine, and Brighton who were born in July 25, 2001, April 2003 and August 2006 respectively. Jon loves hanging around with his friends during his free and even loves watching Thai movies with his wife. John is swingers in his nature who is in love with his family a lot.

This 49 years age man weight is much gained compared to last year as well as his net worth and salary has also increased as his weight. The current status of net worth of Jon is 4 million American dollars.

Jon is maximum user of twitter and he is addicted towards it. He has thousands of followers into it and his tweets are really interesting. 

by Bchrome, 01 Apr, 2016

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