Is the net worth of Jim Cramer, the journalist for CNBC, fair as per his performance?

News by Clarence Published on 29 Aug,2016 Updated on 10 Sep,2020

Jim Cramer has skyrocketed his net worth to $100 million through a diversified technique of multiple income sources. Speaking in an interview, he said that most of his net worth came from his successful career as a hedge fund manager.

Jim Cramer Yielded Over $10 Million Per Year From his Hedge Fund

With the knowledge of the stock market, Jim Cramer started his career with his own hedge fund company in 1987. Cramer and Co. ran his fund until 2000 and had only one year of negative returns. Yielding an average of over $10 million per year over the 14 year period, he finally retired from his hedge fund in 2001. 

The Host of ‘Mad Money’ 

The show "Mad Money" has raised its popularity consistently over the past 11 years and now it is one of the most admired investment shows on CNBC. Due to the Cramer's success on "Mad Money", he has got chances to appear and host many investment shows across multiple broadcasting companies.

Because of his popularity, he has also been invited as a guest host in shows like "Arrested Development," "The Tonight Show" and "The Daily Show."

 Huge Loss in Multiple Markets 

As a hedge fund manager and an on-air investment advisor, Cramer has lost a tremendous amount of money in multiple markets. Cramer says those losses are the real reason of him being at his job now. 

Being such an admired person among the investment group in "Mad Money", we can claim that he earns well. Also, being an author of some books, his net worth also depends on the earnings from his creations. So he has a perfectly fair net worth as per his performance.