CNBC Reporter Bertha Coombs' net worth and salary revealed here

News by Clarence Published on 08 Nov,2016 Updated on 08 Nov,2016

Bertha Coombs has been with CNBC for fourteen long years and has worked for many news networks throughout her career. But no one actually knows how much does she make in a year as her salary and what is her actual net worth, but we respect our readers interest in Bertha Coombs personal life, after all she is a genius reporter and a self-made personality.

So in today's topic, we will look at her personal life in a more financial manner to find out how much she earns and spends. We will at the end of this column satisfy our valued readers and estimate her net worth and give you actual salary she takes away from CNBC. So without further delay, here we present to you CNBC's Correspondent and news reporter Bertha Coombs.

An up close look at Bertha's Net Worth and Salary

An insider reports that Bertha is pretty happy with her career at the news network and takes home the handsome amount of salary every year from the news network. Her salary reaches around  $ 645 thousands per year.

Even though she has a car, she uses a bus ride and metro through the busy streets of NewYork to get to her job station.

But, this does not in any respect mean that she spends any lesser than other celebrities. She spends a lot of money on vacations and traveling. On today's date, the CNBC correspondent who has linked with the network from more than decade could have made many millions stands on  million dollars net worth pillar of her only because of her lifestyle.

Career With CNBC

Bartha started her career as a news correspondent for CNBC in 2002. Her field of expertise is the financial market, energy, and healthcare related issues. The famous Correspondent lives in a beachside apartment in a Condo and travels to places like Honolulu and Hawaii.



#tbt Tuesday night dinner at @themoanasurfrider in #honolulu. #cheers #hawaiistagram #spglife

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Byes expensive accessories and has a certain dressing sense so let's take a look at her three-bedrooms sea shore apartment with a beautiful sea view with a huge swimming pool here.

Bertha Coombs' Beautiful Oceanview Apartment

The apartment is a clear example of luxury. The fifty-two years old reporter enjoys her life to its limits and lets everyone know about it as well. The apartment she lives in is estimated to be around $2.5 million dollars worth. So, what exactly makes her apartment so special? Let's take a look at it.


#tbt one month ago. Much nicer than the view out my window today. #nofilter #Cancun

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Her home includes two full bedrooms and a fully furnished kitchen. The living room consists of a midsection medium sized fireplace where she enjoys her leisure time.


Perfect #weather for fireside yoga, starting with the mimosa and fresh-baked cookies asana. #namaste

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Expensive wine, hanging out on exotic locations and dinner with the loved one on the roof of times square are a few thing she does whenever she is free from her regular duties. So, the activities she does defines the personality she possesses.


#rooftop fun above #TimesSquare

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Her spending habits seem to be a great factor to reduce her net worth but we believe she has some reservation for her old age which can only be seen if we hack into her bank account, and that totally unethical.