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Clyde Klotz is a Canadian TV art director and production designer who worked as an a s sistant art director on several TV series filmed in Vancouver, such as The Hitchhiker, 21 Jump Street, and The X-Files. He worked as an illustrator on the movies; This Boy's Life and Look Who's Talking Too.

He was married to actress Gillian Anderson in 1994 and had a child. The pair divorced in 1997.

Early Life And Education Of Clyde Klotz

Born on 8th of June, 1961, the famous Canadian Art director Errol Clyde Klotz is a well-known art director and production designer. The information about his parents and siblings is not revealed. As far as his ethnicity is concerned, he is a White and regarding his nationality, the producer is a Canadian. 

He is best known for some of his popular movies where he worked as production designer and Art director for The Hitchhiker, 21 Jump Street, and The X-Files.

In his recent days, he did the famous series called The Transformers spin-off Beast Wars and an animation series called ReBoot. He is the National Theatre School of Canada graduate with a degree in product designing.

Clyde Klotz's Career 

He started his career as a production designer and art designer in early '80s with a few music videos and commercials later moved to Vancouver in 1985 for his career in TV. Canadian designer worked a famous war cartoon called the Beast, which won him a Daytime Emmy Award.

Some of his all-time famous projects are The Hitch-Hiker, 21 Jump Street, and The X-Files. In 1995, Clyde started working for Mainframe Entertainment which is still known for their all-time famous CGI animation and production house. 

Clyde Klotz was hired as a designer for War Planets Reboot and for production. Beast Wars also gained him a special jury Emmy Award in 1998. The famous production designer for small and big Hollywood project over the years has worked very hard to give the animation and production design a new Avenue.

Clyde Klotz's Net Worth

Clyde Klotz's net worth is expected to be more than millions. He earns a decent amount of salary from his career. The TV art director who also has worked in a number of successful movies. He worked in a romantic comedy Look Who's Talking Too which grossed over $47 million worldwide. The movie featured John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Bruce Willis, and Roseanne Barr.

Clyde Klotz's Personal Life

On First of January 1994, Clyde Klotz married the famous series X-Files star Gillian Anderson as his wife. The couple met each other on the set of X-files and the actress who played Dana Scully got instantly together and started dating The X-Files star.

The former couple has a daughter together and in 1997 the couple divorced each other without much of a custody and settlement related dispute. The former couple is reported to be good friends until today's date but there are no signs of them getting together with each other ever again.

Social Activities And Awards

Clyde Klotz got nominated in 1998 for film Magic in the Water as best Art Director and Production Designer. He is one of the most reputed production designer and art director who is involved in some famous movies and Television series.

He is two times Day Time Emmy Awards winner. He won the Daytime Emmy Awards for Beast Wars for his production and art direction skills.

Clyde Klotz has received many other prestigious awards including Gemini and Leo nomination for Magic in the Water, Don't Eat the Neighbors (Big Teeth, Bad Breath) and The Snow Queen.

He again won Daytime Emmy for the Best Achievement in Animation series. He is recent days was involved in children's famous television animation series Flash Gordon. He is well known for his social involvements, including many small and big fundraiser events.

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