Clay Travis on My Balls are Bigger than Yours Statement by CNNs Brooke Baldwin

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 01 Jan,2018 Updated on 01 Jan,2018

The founder of ‘Outkick the Coverage’, Clay Travis in talks with the CNN in September said some inappropriate words according to Brooke Baldwin.

Travis said that the first amendment and boobs have never let him down that offended anchor Brooke Baldwin leading to cut the interview shot.

Offended Baldwin took the issue further, tweeting to men that such language is not ok.

Source: Twitter

Take it as karma or whatever, on Sunday during the New Year’s Eve coverage by CNN, Baldwin was quoted saying her balls are being bigger than the fellow anchor Don Lemon’s.

“By the way,” Baldwin said in talks with drunk Lemon who was tossing beads in New Orleans, “my balls are bigger than your balls.”

Lemon responded saying, “Probably”

This caught the attention of Clay Travis and immediately he demanded an apology from Baldwin on behalf of all the men talking about male genitalia on live television.

Source: Twitter

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