Claudia Cowan a reporter with brain and beauty

News by Bartle Published on 21 Dec,2015 Updated on 21 Dec,2015

The daughter of actress Barbara Rush and publicist Warren Cowen, Claudia Cowan is a well-known reporter. Her fans are appealed to her by the beauty as well as the proper reporting skills she portrays n screen. She is a reporter for the Fox News who worked previously for the Los Angeles affiliate KTTV-TV. Owing to her skills and expertise on the field she has grown up the ladder to become the Fox News Channel correspondent for their Bay Area. Her coverage of important events like the Isla Vista shootings amalgamated with her exquisite beauty; make her a desirable personality seen on screen.

Claudia is a sexy lady, who unbelievably is the mother of two. She is married to sports agent Steve Baker. This couple has children Ben and Sabrina who are twins. The couple seems to be doing pretty well together and reside together in Mill Valley, California. The couple are probably not moving towards divorce and do not have any marital problems as far as the tabloids are concerned.

This pretty beauty surely is a person with both brains and beauty. She held the position of a messenger on KTTV-TV initially. Owing to her expertise, she rose up the ladder to become an on-air reporter. Her skills and brains made her move into the KMST-TV situated in California where she worked as a desk assistant. After spending seven years n KOVR-TV13 she moved into the KRON-4 as an evening news reporter. Fox News Channel observed her journalism and reporting skills as well as her brains and her expertise in reporting the events in a fascinating manner. This led her to be cast as the correspondent of the Bay Area. This clearly depicts the brains she has and the fact that she has used her expertise to become what she is today.

Cowen’s beauty too is undisputable. She stands tall and has a pear shaped body. Her sexy legs and beautiful stance are attractive features which appeals to the audience. Her pretty face can be seen constantly on television. The interest of the audience towards her beauty can be attributed to the fact that her bio sites, photos and videos are constantly searched by her fans on the internet. People watch her reporting keenly and seem to be interested in what she is wearing and how she keeps up with her performance. Her net worth and salary are yet unknown, but owing to how she looks on screen and how talented she is, it must be on the range of millions.

Thus, it can easily be said that Cowen is a mixture of beauty with brains that has risen up into fame by utilizing her reporting skills and beauty.