CIA Divers Find Pablo Escobar's 'Drug Submarine'; Hunting For Cocaine Kingpin's 50 Billion Fortune

News by Joey Jordan Published on 25 Jan,2018 Updated on 25 Jan,2018

Former CIA agents have found one of the submarines used by the 'drug lord' Pablo Escobar to smuggle cocaine off the coast of Columbia. And they now hunt for Escobar's missing £50 billion fortune.

The Columbian cocaine kingpin used the submarine, which would carry around 2,000 kilograms of cocaine, to transport the drugs underwater from his homeland to Puerto Rico, before being supplied to the Miami through speedboats.

Former CIA agents found a large metal box during dive-didn't contain anything precious

Former CIA agents found a large metal box during dive-didn't contain anything precious

Source: The Sun

In a Discovery Channel's Finding Escobar's Millions, the former CIA agents Doug Laux and Ben Smith lead a team to Columbia on a mission to unveil the hidden gold, jewels, cash, and weapons. Laux told The Sun

My job in the agency was finding people-finding bad guys. So, you have kind of that same scenario here if it's anything that somebody wants to keep a secret, and they keep in the dark, that's kind of where Ben and I thrive at getting in there and shining some light on it.

Laux and Smith sent divers under water after a local man took them to the site where the submarine used to surface.

The video uploaded to Discovery UK on YouTube shows the men heading towards the location on a boat. According to The Sun,  they believed the site had been there for decades, but it was only uncovered recently by a storm which shifted the sand on the seabed.

The divers found lots of metals and a box but were unable to find the treasure they were looking for. However, they still see the finding as a big milestone in their hunt to tracking Escobar's booty. It's been believed that Escobar hid a significant part of his fortune across Columbia before he was killed on December 2, 1993.