Chuck Scarborough, a journalist and an author, is happily married to Ellen Ward Scarborough

News by Clarence Published on 07 Nov,2016 Updated on 07 Nov,2016


Chuck and his family live in Stamford, Connecticut.Chuck Scarborough has been a steady father to her little girl, Ellie, despite the fact that the condition was occupying from his strides.

Chuck Scarborough with his first wife Anne Ford

Ellen Ward Scarborough and columnist Chuck Scarborough go to ASPCA nineteenth Annual Bergh Ball regarding Drew Barrymore, facilitated by Nathan Lane with music by Mark Ronson at the Plaza Hotel on April 14, 2016, in New York City.

                          Anne Ford and anchorman Chuck Scarborough attend the funeral service.

In the late 1990s-mid 1994s,Chuck and his past spouse Anne Ford's hitched Life began at Prime Time for Anne Ford.The TV Anne Ford declined to permit her dad to go to her wedding when she wedded anchorperson Chuck Scarborough on the grounds that she considers him a maturing playboy since the day he separated her mom. Chuck was the father of a child and a daughter Anne Ford was separated and had 2 youngsters.

                                    Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons attend promotional events 

In 1980, Scarborough was at that point a six-year veteran at Channel 4 amid the landing of Maria Shriver who  were co-stars in NBC documentaries.Their impeccable science can't be purchased in a store or even instructed in a school.Sue alluded to Chuck as her "television spouse," and imparted encounters to each other like a wedded couple.Maria watched his children develop up.Maria's been there for him for the duration of his life and bad habit verse.That obligation of Maria and Scarborough clearly was not only for the cameras.

In 1980,Chuck was 36-years of age when he was enlisted close by Sue Simmons, his co-mooring accomplice from 1980 to 2012.ns verifiably touched viewers as they have spread over two eras of steadfast fans.With his third spouse, Mr. Scarborough, who has two youngsters from his first marriage and an agreement hurrying to the thousand years that allegedly pays him more than $1 million a year, relishes his eight weeks of yearly excursion.