Christopher Kimball Married his assistant Melissa Lee Baldino right after divorcing his first wife, find out more

News by Saburo Published on 11 Apr,2017 Updated on 08 Dec,2017

New York-based TV personality, Christopher Kimball, familiar as the host of America’s Test Kitchen on PBC has been married twice. Who is she married to currently? When did he get his first divorce? Find out here. 

When did Christopher Kimball marry Melissa Lee Baldino?

After his first divorce, Christoper Kimball married Melissa Baldino. The couple got married on June 30, 2013, at the Memorial Church in Cambridge.

 Kimball's second wife Melissa who is 25 years younger than him is a media director at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

Christopher Kimball and Melissa Baldino at America's Test Kitchen

Christopher Kimball first met Melissa in September 2002.   Melissa had interviewed to be Kimball's assistant. 

Kimball proposed  Baldino in March 2013, after his divorce with first wife Adrienne was finalized.

Oh! and about the job Baldino applied for, she didn't the job on the first try. When the woman who got the position resigned, Melissa was called to fill the post. 

 Since then Melissa rose to the role of the director of the “America’s  Test Kitchen” TV and radio shows. Christopher and Melissa became close friends during the period.

Christopher and Melissa- America's Test Kitchen


Christopher Kimball separated from his wife in 2010. Kimball's first wife is a chef. 

Before getting married to Christopher, Melissa was romantically linked to David B. Nussbaum, Merrill Stubbs, Jason Geller, and John D. Halpern.

Why I love Vermont.

— Christopher Kimball (@cpkimball) April 8, 2017

The American chef and his producer wife, Melissa, currently reside in Cambridge, Vermont.Christopher and Melissa are together till date. Baldino now works as an executive producer at Boston Common Press LP publishes Cook's illustrated magazines. 

Christopher and Melissa were also involved with Boston Common Press LP which produces the public television program, America’s Test Kitchen. 

The company was established by  Christopher Kimball along with Eliot Wadsworth, II in the year 1980. The firm is located in Brookline, MA.

What was the reason behind Christopher and Adrienne’s divorce?

Christopher married Adrienne Kimball in 1987 and separated from her in 2010 but finalized the divorce only in December 2012. Kimball and Adrienne have four children together: Charles, Caroline, Whitney, and Emily. 

Christopher Kimball, Adrienne Kimball


Christopher’s ex-wife, Adrienne claims Christopher have violated the terms of their divorce agreement by leaving the company all of a sudden. Adrienne has an 8 percent ownership stake in America’s Test Kitchen.  Christopher apparently refused to reach his limit of the bargain which calls for him to contribute 50 percent of tuition as well as medical costs for their children.

Adrienne also has alleged that Christopher is not paying adequate support for their three kids.  In a lawsuit filed on 12 January in the Suffolk Probate and Family Court, Adrienne reportedly said her ex-husband Christopher owes her more than $112, 000.

(left to right) Peter Sanborn, Rose Mehegan, and Adrienne Kimball


 Adrienne is pledged 35 percent of his gross income and overall compensation, per the ex-couple 2012 divorce agreement.