Chloe Sims is Still Dating Abz Love After His ex-girlfriend Warning! Details About Their Romance!

News by Saburo Published on 28 Jul,2017 Updated on 28 Jul,2017

Chloe Sims, a famous English actress, glamor model, and entrepreneur, is well known for her appearance in ITV2 reality series “The only way is Essex.'' 

The reality star is frequently in the news, mostly for her romantic connections. There is a new one this time, who is it? There are rumors that she is dating Abz Love. We are breaking down whether or not the rumor is true!

TOWIE's Chloe Sims's New Boyfriend Abz Love

Chloe Sims is allegedly dating Abz Love for some time now. Are they actually having fun or are in a serious relationship? Well, as far as their social media posts can tell, this is a very happy couple. But they are in the early stages of their relationship to declare it as a serious one. 


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Abz Love is a member of the boy band 5ive. As per his ex -fiancé, Vicky Fallon, Abz cheated on her!

“I cannot believe he’s that sick that he can literally lie and twist the facts the way that he does. “After everything that I have done for that guy, everything I have done for his career.”

Also, she left a message to Chloe Sims saying that she really seems to be a sweet and independent girl and warned about the eluding behavior of  Abz love. Here’s a video:


If Chloe Sims is with Abz Love after all this, they must have quite a strong band. Time will tell rest of the story!

Chloe Sims' Dating History

The TOWIE star has dated quite a few famous and handsome men. Some of Chloe Sims ex-boyfriends include  Kirk Norcross, Darrell Privett, and Joe Fournier.  Sims has a baby daughter with a guy named Matthew. She with him for seven years.

Quick Facts:

  • Chloe Sims was born as Chloe Linda Daisy Margaret Sims
  •  Sims was born on November 1981 and is 35 years old right now
  • Sims got her own beauty bar named as Chloe Beauty Bar
  • She has a daughter.