Cheerios Go Green Campaign Is What You Should Participate In Today

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 16 Mar,2017 Updated on 17 Aug,2017

Cheerios, the American cereals brand has come up with an extraordinary promotional campaign of their brand which is good for a social cause as well. Claiming and understanding the necessity of bees these days, formerly known as cheerios, this brand has been sending save bees anthem to the world.Cheerios is all set to send free wildflowers seeds to anyone who signs up on their website to save the bees.

             Twitterati receiving wildflower seeds

Bees have been playing a vital role in our daily food supplements whose dying ratio have become the forth coming attraction to the world and one of the most burning issues currently. From the reports, Vesey seeds are working in partnership with the cereals brand to send out 100 million wildflower seeds as part of the campaign. They have entitled the campaign as #bringbackthebees.

The site when logged in says “people need bees and now bees need people”. People are asked to plant those seeds to the bee friendly area once they receive it. The overview of this campaign is to come together to save bees with a healthy plantation program.