Charles Barkley's Amazing Love Story! Exclusive Details about His Married Life

News by Saburo Published on 25 May,2017 Updated on 15 Dec,2020

Maureen Blumhardt, popular as the wife of former NBL basketball player Charles Barkley, is married to the star for last 28 years but is rarely been photographed with him at red carpet events or at games where he serves as an analyst now. 

Miss Barkley has kept extremely low key despite being married to one of the 50 Greatest NBA players of all time. Here, we uncover the interracial marriage between Maureen and Charles. Is the couple still married? What is the couple currently up to?

Maureen Blumhardt’s Married Life With Charles Barkley

According to some reports, Maureen and Charles met at a restaurant called City Avenue. During the time, Maureen was working as a legal aide in Bucks County. After dating for two years, Maureen Blumhardt got married to Charles Barkley in 1989.

Image: Charles Barkley, wife Maureen Blumhardt


The couple tied the knot when Charles was playing for the 76ers. Her husband joined the team in the year 1984, two slots after Michael Jordan. He stayed with them till he shifted to Phoenix in the 1992-93 season. Maureen and Charles have a child, Christiana Barkley, born in 1989. The Barkley's now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, in a mansion that they’ve  owned since the late 1990s.

In the 80s and 90s, Maureen and Charles's interracial marriage caused a great deal of controversy, especially in Philadelphia. Charles Barkley, a black man being omantically linked to a white Caucasian female raised quite a few eyebrows in the 80s. However, neither of them reacted on the topic.

The Barkleys’ Happily Ever After

In the summer of 2016, Maureen and her daughter, Christiana were photographed at the Fresh Start Fashion Gala that earned over $1.5 million in order to support Fresh Start Foundation.  The Phoenician, luxurious Scottsdale resort was visited by more than 730 guests for the occasion, during its 20th-year celebration.

The only place she has maintained a public presence is on her Twitter page, where she occasionally responds to fans about her husband. In one confrontation from April 2017, someone from Kentucky wrote:

“March Madness. I’ll be crushing on your husband for the next few weeks. True story. I’ve been crushing for 30 years. Lol.” Maureen replied, “Now is the perfect time to crush on him. He’ll be on TV non-stop. Enjoy. LOL!!”


Charles Barkley currently works for the Turner Network Television.  Whereas  Blumbart is serving an honorary member of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, that aims to uplift women with “education, resources and also encourage to transform their lives.