Charles Barkley fired back by the CEO of Houston Rockets

News by Clarence Published on 08 May,2016 Updated on 08 May,2016

The retired professional basketball player and the current basketball analyst have been fired back by the CED of Houston Rockets Tad Brown. Tad took to twitter to fire back at the allegation of Barkley on the team. Barkley reportedly accused the team to be involved in a fake hustle and Tad fired back in an attempt to stand up for his team.

Charles has always been a critic of the Rockets and he commented at halftime in Game 3 of the team when he guaranteed that the team would lose by a score difference of 10. The prediction of Charles did not turn out to be true and h was fired back by the CEO of Rockets for the senseless comment that he passed about the team. Brown sent a tweet saying that the entire career of Charles in the Rockets was a fake hustle. Charles has made quite a reputation for himself for being one of the most dominating power forwards and is a holder of eleven NBA All Star-Games. He played the latter part of his career for the Houston Rockets and it seems to be highly probable for the CEO to be bashing on Charles on giving out a negative comment about the team that he previously played for.

Barkley, known for his bold appearance in sneakers has been married. He was previously known to be had an extra-marital affair with Kelli McCarty while still married to his wife Maureen Blumhardt but the rumors were falsified. He has been married to Maureen since 1989. They have a daughter named Christina together who was born on the year of their marriage. They have been living together with their kid happy and with a net worth of 3 million dollars, they certainly are doing well economically too. It sure seems that the couple will be staying together for a long time to come.