CBS's Sports News Anchor Dana Jacobson's Net Worth, Salary and her Dating Life, All Details Here

News by Clarence Published on 10 Jun,2017 Updated on 19 Nov,2018

CBS Sports Anchor Dana Jacobson known for her sweet voice and dashing personality has the net worth of $3 million. All her net worth is collected from her work in CBS and ESPN. But that's not all she has other sources of income as well. She also spent a decade working at ESPN. 

Let's find all about it. Along with that let's find the salary of this journalist and the start of her career as well. 

Dana Jacobson Staggering Net Worth, Salary, And Income

CBS's correspondent and sportscaster Danna Jacobson's successful career in journalism which is reflected through her net worth of $3 million and Jacobson's annual salary at CBS is reported to be $ 600 thousand. 

Dana Jacobson

Danna Jacobson


With all her hard work and dedication, Danna has not only earned more than Dollars, but she is also one of the most popular American TV Journalists in the field of media. Also, Danna is not just a presenter she is an investor as well.

Danna Jacobson has invested in real estate, some of the local sports clubs and some media institutes as well. With all the work that she does, she loves to travel, take a hike, and how can someone miss shopping.

Other things Danna Jacobson likes to spend money on are; cars and houses. With the mind of a shrewd businesswoman that Jacobson has, and her investment, she's sure to double or triple her net worth next year!

Danna Jacobson And Her Secret Dating Life 

Someone with an interesting career like Danna Jacobson's surely has an interesting dating life as well. However, Danna makes it seem like her like is only working, shopping, traveling, and houses. She keeps her dating life away quite well. 

Danna Jacoobson

Danna Jacobson


Even though her love life is hidden away,  it is known that she's never been married or given birth. Dana Jacobson is reportedly single. She's a proud supporter of LGBT rights which started a rumor about her being a Lesbian. She has not come out, and the foundation for the rumor is homophobic in itself. 



Dana Jacobson to many gay women's dismay is straight. She said in an interview that she hopes to get married soon.  will marry someone soon. 

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Dana Jacobson's Quick Facts

  • Dana Jacobson's date of birth and age: November 5, 1971 (age 47 years).
  • Education:  Andover High School, University of Michigan
  • She spent most of her early days in a Jewish family.
  • Nationality: American 
  • Ethnicity: White