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Casey LaBow was born in New York City on August 14. In addition to this, she is also producer who was portrayed within The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as the character of Kate Danali. She presented in both part of this series. From 2005, her popularity has reached a top level within the industry and she is recognized as a successful actress of the town. She was a s sociated with American Academy of Dramatic Arts West while she was 18 years old as soon as she moved along with her mother and sister within Los Angeles. Her father left the family while she was early in her age.

LaBow started her career from Los Angeles city and her interest in acting made her earn the fame and popularity within the industry. In early time, she was proposed for minor roles and character which she presented excellently made her get major roles in later times. During the year 2014, her work in free the Nipple was also appreciated by many of her people all around. She was auditioned for around 5 times for her character in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and after 5th audition finally she was proposed for the character of Kate Denali. 

Casey has no boyfriends by now and she is stated being single in current time. But looking to the past status it can be seen her dating with affair Ryan Gosling. Even Casey shared her picture of birthday celebrated together with her love. Her personal information in Wikipedia has no any further details of her love zones except her work in movies. She thinks it is too early in her age to get married and get a husband, therefore, she is sincere in her career. Addition to this her bio has also no any confusion in her sexuality and she is straight in that regard.

She has addiction in photo shoots and she is also a great traveller. Casey once had an affair in her school days but she did not continue her relationship for a long duration of time. She was not much serious with her relation in the very time. Casey loves music a lot and according to her music is her life. She has never suffered from any controversy in her professional life and she loves maintaining distance from the media. She loves describing herself as a strong and independent lady.

Casey is very conscious of her body and figure consuming proper food with balanced diet habit. This might also be the reason behind her excellent figure with well-toned structure. In  the current context, she is able to collect a good sum of salary. She is earning around 2 million American dollars. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches.

by Bchrome, 01 May, 2016

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