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Carrie Nahabedian was born in July 22, 1958 who has variety of works and achievements in her life. Carrie was born in Chicago, Illinois of United States and she is 57 years old belonging with her age. Carrie is popular becoming as an American chef best and his working within the restaurant and food is very unique and variety of taste. Her work profile includes variety of restaurants in her list of schedule. She is also the winner of the award in the year 2008 with the title of James Beard Foundation award. She was learnt cooking from her mother and she was highly influenced by her. Additionally she also used to learn cooking from celebrity chef Julia Child. For her Julia was like a watching an artist painting. Later, she started her career into the professional field of cooking.

Carrie learnt cooking for at least 3 years of her time and she was also engaged within Ritz Cariton Hotel. Carrie also moved towards Atlantic City, New Jersey for her professional achievement further in her life. Later on she established many of her restaurants also in the Europe and many parts of the world. Her restaurants are taking an absolute position in the United States during the present time. She is also awarded with the achievements as Chicago Culinary Museum Chefs Hall of Fame with her achievable working in the professional life.

Carrie belongs from the American nationality and she falls under Armenian descent. Her grandmother falls within Armenian Rose and she was highly influenced by Armenian styles of presentation and cooking strategies. More than this there is no any absolute information about her personal life. In addition to this she also did not mentioned about her affair but it was rumored that she got into a deep affair with her high school mate. Carrie also has not elaborated about her spouse and neither has she stated whether she is married or not. The reason behind her low profile is because of her less interviews and interaction that has been found within the public across. Carrie has also not clearly pronounced about her likes, dislikes, children, salary, net worth and interest. Carrie even has not any past data of her divorce and end of the married life. She can be seen busy with maintaining her bio of career and focusing upon and towards it. Carrie seems very positive person who loves living and travelling with all pa s sion. Since, she is foodie by her nature she often organizes party in her house with her family and friends making them to taste with her new choices of dishes.

Carries has gained her weight more than the last year and her height made look short due to her more weight but she is trying to fit and manage her weight as much as she can.

by Bchrome, 21 Feb, 2016

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