Caroline Bittencourt, Brazilian Model Dies After She Fell Into The Ocean During A Strong Storm

News by Joey Jordan Published on 01 May,2019

Brazilian Model Caroline Bittencourt Died After She Was Knocked Into The Ocean By A Storm

  • Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt has died at 37.
  • She was knocked into the ocean from her boat during a strong storm.
  • Her husband reportedly dived into the sea after the model fell; however, he was unable to save her life.
  • Caroline is survived by her husband Jorge and her daughter, Isabelle, 17.

Rising Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt died on Sunday, 28th April in a storm in Sao Paulo. She was 37.

As per the reports, Bittencourt was on a boat while a strong and unexpected storm hit the Sao Paulo and the wind knocked the model into the ocean. E! News reported her husband Jorge Sestini dived into the sea after his wife fell off the boat, but he couldn't save her life.

Sestini was rescued three hours later, however, the model's body remained missing for hours before she was found on Monday near Cigarras Beach in Sao Paulo. Bittencourt's 17-year-old daughter, Isabelle confirmed her mother's death.

CAPTION: Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt died after she fell into the sea during the storm SOURCE: Us Weekly

Some outlets reported she jumped into the sea to save her dog which fell off the boat in the storm, however, her family and authorities said the report was false, and the model was knocked into the sea by the blow of winds.

Moreover, Captain of Sao Sebastiao Port Authority Wagner Goulart de Souza released a statement to The Sun in which he denied the model died while saving her dog. The statement read:

We have been informed only two people were on the boat. We were not given any indication that Caroline jumped off the boat to rescue one of her dogs after it allegedly fell into the water.

Isabella wrote on her social media that her family was grateful to receive such affectionate messages from Carolina's fans and friends.

Caroline Bittencourt is survived by her husband Jorge whom she married in January 2019 and their daughter Isabella.