Cardi B, who Appeared In Amazon Super Bowl Commercial Is All Set to perform on the Event

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 31 Jan,2018 Updated on 31 Jan,2018

This news of Cardi B is definitely going to overwhelm all her fans who are to visit superball face-off between Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.

The Bodak yellow rapper is all set to perform in the middle of the face off. The scheduled game between Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots itself is a forthcoming attraction, in addition, with an electrifying performance by Cardi B will definitely make the game a musical celebration too.

Source: TimeMagazine

The rapper took on her Instagram account to announce the news with a video clip of her upcoming amazon ad. The ad featuring cardic b. showcases her pulling out a headset from the Amazon tagged box and shouting

Let’s get it started!

The extended version of the ad will be released on Sunday, February 4 where the super bowl viewers will be able to take a sneak peek at it.