Canadian Missing Mom and Toddler Daughter Are Found Dead

News by Krijana Duwal Published on 08 May,2019

The Two Bodies Of A Canadian Mother And Her Twenty-Two Months Old Daughter Were Found Dead In A Wooded Area On Monday. Their Bodies Were Found Three Weeks After They Disappeared From Their Home.

The Calgary Police Service claimed that the Canadian mother, Jasmine Lovett and her twenty-two months old daughter Aliyah Sanderson were found in a heavily wooded area off a highway in Kananaskis.

On Tuesday, 34 years old Robert Leeming was charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

During a press conference on Monday, Calgary police Staff Sgt. Martin Schiavetta revealed that the killing was a targeted attack motivated by domestic-related matters.

CAPTION: Jasmine Lovett and her daughter Aliyah Sanderson SOURCE: PEOPLE

Till the date, the reason behind the death of mother and daughter are yet to be announced as an autopsy is pending.

On April 23, the mother and daughter were reported missing after they never showed up to any family gathering. They were last seen at home they shared with Leeming back on April 16.

Police believed that they were killed sometime on April 16’ evening or in the early morning of April 17. The dead bodies then were transported to Kananaskis in between April 17 to April 20.

Authorities began their investigation around the Kananaskis but had to stop due to high snow falls.

On April, Leeming was taken into the custody for questioning. He was later released but again taken into custody and charged.

Leeming is scheduled to appear on May 14 in court.