Canadian-American Actress Pamela Anderson And French Footballer Adil Rami Break Up

News by Joey Jordan Published on 08 Sep,2018 Updated on 26 Oct,2021

Actress And Model Pamela Anderson Calls It Quits With Adil Rami

  • Pamela Anderson broke up with her footballer beau Adil Rami.
  • The couple has been living together in Paris for over a year and after the breakup, Anderson has left the couple's house.
  • French defender Rami reportedly popped the question to his girlfriend recently but she said no, a source close to the couple told Page Six.
  • The source also reported that Rami had given a Cartier ring to Anderson after France lifted the World Cup in July which she gave to her oldest son, Brandon.

Baywatch alum Pamela Anderson and French footballer Adil Rami have split after a year-long relationship. The 51-year-old Canadian-American beauty called off her relationship with the world cup winner after Rami reportedly popped the question.

TMZ reported that the 32-year-old French defender gave a Cartier ring to the actress just days after winning the World Cup in July and recently he popped the question, but Anderson said no.

The tabloid also reported that Pam is still in France and she had already moved out of the couple's house that they shared for over a year. And the ring that Rami gave to her, she gave it to her oldest son, Brandon.

Page Six reported that a source close to Pam told,

After spending this past week with Adil’s cute [2-year-old] twin sons … it broke Pam’s heart that he doesn’t see them enough, as he should, so she’s moving out.

The source added,

Pamela feels she is the reason Adil doesn’t spend enough time with his children. She is removing herself from his life so he can do the right thing and be with his kids. It’s a selfless move by Pamela, a true romantic — and she is heartbroken. Adil has difficulty balancing his life with Pamela and what should be a healthy relationship with his ex, the mother of his children.

The source further added that Anderson is heartbroken and she sacrificed her love for sake of his 2-year-old twin sons, Zayn and Madi.  It further added, she also wants to see Rami reunite with the mother of his two children.