Businessman Joshua Kushner's net worth has been increasing with his upgrading business

News by Clarence Published on 15 Nov,2016 Updated on 15 Nov,2016

Joshua Kushner, an American entrepreneur, and Investor. He serves as the founder and managing director of the venture capital firm 'Thrive Capital' and also the co-founder of 'Oscar Health'. Kushner is a younger son of American's renown real estate businessman, Charles Kushner. Let's find his net worths and earnings detail here.

Joshua Kushner's Net Worth and Salary

Kushner is a successful businessman of the American Business Industry. He is such a rich person. You will be shocked to kno his net worth. He earns $200 million of net worth. Such a high amount right, even most of us can't earn this amount during a whole life. He owns his business. We cannot neglect his family business as the point of his success. Though you clear right now how wealthy he is. He receives more than $1 million every year as a  salary.

Joshua Kushner's Professional Career

Joshua's career started when he got a job at the Merchant Banking Division of Private Equity Group Goldman Sachs. He worked there for some months, having a dream to create his business.

 Businessman Joshua Kushner

In 2009, he started a company , named 'Thrive Capital', which focused on media and internet investments and would start to raise its income after some time. Thrive has raised $750 million from institutional investors alone and has raised capital funds totaling $590 million. Thrive is also one company which invested on Instagram before it was sold to Facebook

. Apart from Thrive, he also found 'Oscar Health' which focuses on health insurance. It was founded in 2012,  now the company has a net value of $1.75 billion.  In 2015 he decided to run another business, he created the company 'Cadre', mainly focuses on Technology area. The company has $250 million capital. He is also working on his family real estate business with his brother Jared, Jared is the head their family business.

Joshua's Properties

Joshua has a privileged way of living his life since childhood  as he was born in a rich family. He is one of the major shareholders of his family real estate business 'Kushner's Properties', which also contributes for his growing net worth. He owns a massive area in New Jersey and normally travels to business meetings around the world in a private jet. According to the, he owns a private Jet and several apartments. 

Joshua is walking on the street along with her girlfriend Karlie Kloss

Harvard graduate Joshua's net worth and earnings are rising day by day. If it will continue to grow, his net worth wil be seen in billions, sooner.