British Teenager Dies After Plunging 30 Feet Off A Cliff In Sydney While Taking A Selfie

News by Joey Jordan Published on 23 Jul,2018

18-Year-Old British Boy Died After Falling Off A Whale-Watching Cliff In Sydney-He Was Posing For A Selfie

  • A British boy, 18, died after falling from a whale-watching cliff in Cape Solander near Sydney.
  • The boy was posing for a selfie when he lost his balance and fell off the cliff into the water.
  • He was on an adventure trip with around 15 friends who tried to reach him but couldn't, and they called the police.
  • The lifesaver helicopter reached the scene in minutes and started searching for the boy, but could only found after 30 minutes from the water.
  • The paramedics at the place said the CPR couldn't revive the boy and pronounced dead at the scene.

A British tourist fell down a 30 feet high cliff while posing for a selfie in Sydney, Australia. The 18-year-old boy was reportedly whale watching with his friends when he slipped off the rocks at the edge and fell down the cliff.

The witnesses described he was posing for a selfie when he lost his balance and fell into the sea at Cape Solander, Sydney. The boy's friends tried to reach him but couldn't, and they made an emergency call.

CAPTION: A British teenager fell from the 30 feet high cliff and died SOURCE: Metro

Police responded to the emergency call with a lifesaver helicopter shortly before 3:45 on Monday evening. The crews put green dye in the water to trace the water current. The responders found the boy's body 30 minutes later in the water.

He was then pulled onto a police boat and quickly winched to the land, but the paramedics couldn't revive him and pronounced dead at the scene. Chief Inspector Chris Hill told Sydney Morning Herald,

He was here with a group of friends to go whale watching. They've made their way down onto the rock platform at this stage it appears to be misadventure where he's slipped and fallen over the edge.

Police have been trying hard to identify the teenager and to notify the boy's family, told the police spokesman to Daily Mail Australia.

CAPTION: Lifesaver helicopter searching for a boy SOURCE: Metro

The boy becomes the second man to die falling off the cliff top at Cape Solander in last six weeks, The Sun reported. Last month, a man in his early thirties died after falling into the sea from the cliff.