British Exchange Student Raped By Two Men In A Car Then By A Third Man Who Offered To Help

News by Joey Jordan Published on 26 Jul,2018

A British exchange student has come forward accusing three unknown men of rape. The 18-year-old girl claimed two men raped her in a car while heading home from a bar in March in Naples, Italy.

Further, she was dumped at the roadside by the two men while another man approached her and offered to help her who finally ended with raping her again and left her near a police station, she claimed in court on Tuesday.

CAPTION: A British Student, 18, claimed three men raped her in Naples, Italy SOURCE: Daily Mail

Mail Online reported all three defendants are arrested and are on bail, however, they have not been named yet. They confessed to having sex with the girl, however, denied having assaulted her in any manner.

The first two of the accused have been charged with the mass rape while the third is charged with sexual violence.

The court adjourned the hearing on Tuesday to provide police some time to make further investigations.