Brilliant career of journalist Dana Bash is decorated with handsome salary & jaw-dropping net worth

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Dana Bash is an American journalist and hostess who currently serves as the chief political correspondent and guest host. Previously, CNN assigned her as a correspondent for White House and Capitol Hill.

Very renowned Dana has millions of viewers globally and they want to know more about her professional career and income sources. So, in today’s article, we have come up with all mysteries about her earning sources and net worth.

Dana Bash’s Net worth and Salary

The gorgeous CNN’s personality has been working in the CNN news source for a more than a decade. As a result of this, she has earned a good amount for her and the actual figure of her net worth is different in various net worth site.

Dana Bash

Dana Bash 

However, according to a source, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. It is also added that her net worth has been significantly growing these days.

In addition, she receives an annual salary of $100K including bonus, allowances, and incentives as cited by CNN.

Dana Bash: An asset of CNN

Even though the job in CNN demanded extra labor and excessive mental stress, Dana started her career as an associate journalist there and has been brilliant in whatever she has done. 

Later, she was promoted to a reporter and an editor. Then, she started to produce CNN’s weekend programs, 'Late Edition', ‘Evans and Novak’, and ‘Inside Politics’. In 2008, she was promoted to a chief political correspondent. Then, she worked as a library assistant at the Washington D.C. bureau and produced the public affair show for the same bureau.


Thankful we live in a democracy where we can do this with such ease

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She is renowned because of her coverage of big political issues and that is how she became famous and earned many fans all over the globe. During her tenure with CNN, she has covered several major cases such as the arrest of Saddam Hussein, Hurricane Katrina, CIA intelligence leak story, and Impeachment story of Bill Clinton.

Recently, Dana hosted the Democratic Party debates 2016 Presidential election alongside Juan Carlos and Anderson Cooper. Besides this, she has also appeared on several TV shows.

45-year-old journalist's life is not successful in professional life and she has already divorced twice. In 1998, Dana first married to Jeremy Bash and divorced him in 2007.

Following year, she married fellow journalist John King. After four years, she separated with John and since then, she has not married yet. Dana has a son from her second marriage. Now, she lives with him in New York.


Dana Bash

Dana Bash 1971 -

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