Brazilian Journalist Tiago Leifert: Married to Daiana Garbin in 2012; No Children Yet?

News by Clarence Published on 09 Nov,2016 Updated on 09 Nov,2016

November 17, 2012, was the day when  James Leifert and  Dianna Garbin  exchanged their vows to be together forever and after. The ceremony was held at the Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo on Saturday. The grand wedding was a matter of gossip for months as the two got together.

The place was booked for two days for two couples which included Leferts' sister's wedding and his wedding with Diana. Marcela Leifert, sister of James, also married Willen van Weerelt a show director at the same venue on the same day.

The venue decoration

The venue was decorated with precision mixed with beauty. The place was filled with the mixture of flowers like roses of different colors and a lot of lion's mouth. The professional decorator  Vic Meirelles decorated the venue which was set to accommodate eight hundred guests.

Special seat planning was arranged for all guests keeping in mind the need of space for bride and groom and the wedding view was kept in consideration. The setting easily let all the guest see the wedding from every corner clearly, even if they don't get the center seat.

Cake and food

The chef  Emmanuel Bassoleil who is a professional Chef in hotel unique picked the dishes and cake for the wedding. Huge yet beautifully designed cake gave a perfect wedding feel more over people could not stop talking about the food they served (As reported by our sources).

Bride's dress

The wedding dress is always the main attraction of any wedding. Choosing the dress is a long process until you find the right one. If the dress is not chosen properly the bride will look common.But do you think Dianna looked average in her dress?

Diana Garbin's dress was designed by the famous Brazilian designer from Lebanon LUCAS Anderi,  the dress was well detailed with eye-catching nozzle details on the bride's wrist, and shining embroideries with a perfect fitting accurate slenderness Daiana Garbin looked like an angel in her wedding day.

Relationship between this four years old couple

The couple is living the best days of their life together. Professional success of Leifert comes from the perfect looking wife he has. The couple is happy together and we don't see any divorce action and flashes shining in the family any sooner. The couple is happy with each other but they still don't have any children together till today's date.


Quem quase quebrou o nariz do tio com uma testada?

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Whereas James' sister has a beautiful baby daughter, who is loved and adored by both husband and wife.  So, if you see any tabloid sites showing an image of James with a baby girl claiming to be his daughter, You should know that the baby doll is  Marcela's daughter.

Are they planning for kids of their own?

Even if the husband and wife are biologically capable of having a baby it seems like they want to enjoy a responsibility free wedded life for a little longer. No news of the arrival of a new member have been confirmed by both them till today's date but if there is any good news be sure to get then from our side.