Body Of Missing Jonathon E. Minard Found Buried

News by Sammy Published on 21 Apr,2019

The 14 Years Old Boy Jonathon E. Minard Who Was Missing Was Found Buried.

  • Jonathon Minard, 14, found dead in a shallow grave. 
  • His dead body was discovered by the police after six days of his disappearance.
  • He was last seen on 13 April with a 29-year-old friend while milking cows.
  • Police discovered the 29-year-old man was interested in Jonathon's death.

The dead body of Jonathon Minard, 14, has been found at a Washington Township farm early Friday morning after a missing report of him was filed on April 13

On April 19, Friday Carroll County Sherif's Office announced the news through their official Facebook page that the 14 years old's body was found in a shallow grave. 

As per the teenager's aunt, he was seen last with a 29-year-old friend on Saturday milking cow as his friend's family owns a dairy. His aunt also added that they together went for milking numerous times.

After his missing, his friend said the Investigators that he had a toothache and went to call his mother to pick him up.

But her mother said that she didn't receive any such call from him. 

On the 17th of April(Wednesday), police found out that 29-year-old man had a criminal record but they have not taken him into custody.

As per the police, they didn't think Minard's friend being involved in that case as he didn't leave any confusion. He was frequently asked to take a polygraph test and he agreed initially but later on changed his mind.

The sheriff's office also added that Minard's body is just an initial step in their investigation and said they will continue to find out the evidence and charge the criminal based on the evidence. Moreover, they said they will not say more than this at this time and will focus more on the investigation.