Bodies Of Two Women Found Floating In New York's Hudson River

News by Joey Jordan Published on 25 Oct,2018 Updated on 25 Oct,2018

New York Police Recovered Bodies Of Two Women Floating In The Hudson River

  • Two women were found dead in the Hudson River on Wednesday, 24th October.
  • Police reported that the women were found bound together by duct tape at the riverside.
  • Police said that the women were found fully clothed and there wasn't found any signs of physical trauma.
  • The bodies are sent to the City Medical Examiner's office to determine the cause of their death.

Two women's bodies have been found together with duct tape floating in the Hudson River off of Manhattan's Upper West Side on Wednesday, 24th October.

The NYPD received an emergency call for two unconscious individuals in the vicinity of 68th Street and Riverside Park at around 2:40 on Wednesday afternoon.

A passer-by noticed two bodies floating in the river and informed the authorities.

CAPTION: Bodies of two women found floating in the Hudson river SOURCE: ABC

The officers recovered the bodies laying on rocks near the river. A police source told the local press that the bodies were found ducted together around their waists and feet facing each other.

ABC News reported a law enforcement told that the two bodies were both female and fully clothed, with no signs of trauma.

The bodies have been sent to the City Medical Examiner's office to determine the causes of their death.