Bodies Of 5 Dead African Migrants Recovered From Mediterranean. Suspected To Have 250 People Drown

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 24 Mar,2017 Updated on 25 Aug,2017

In the Mediterranean near Libya, a rescue boat has found two drown rubber boats which have suspected the death of 250 African migrants.

The rescue team has recovered 5 dead bodies till now. Spanish charity, proactive open arms have confirmed the news.  The proactive group reported that they found five bodies floating 15km apart from the Libyan port and they have taken those bodies in their responsibility.


The bodies recovered were of Africans and were of age 16 to 20 years.The size of rubber boats gave them the clue about 250 people were in those boats.

All the dead bodies were kept in the ship of proactive group “Golfo Azzurro” and the ship will be there in the Mediterranean to fight any emergencies.


An overall of 559 migrants is dead this year. In a treaty made between European union and Turkey, the path to Greece was closed after which the African migrants started moving in mass through the Mediterranean.

Whereas last year around 5000 migrant has lost their lives in the process of moving and crossing borders.