Blimp Catches Fire and Later Crashed At the US Open Golf Tournament

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 15 Jun,2017 Updated on 13 Aug,2017

A blimp was spotted floating over at the US open golf tournament.

 The blimp caught fire and crashed while many people witnessed the crashed.

source: TMZ

The incident that happened in Erin, Wisconsin was captured on video by the people. It is confirmed that the pilot in the blimp somehow managed to come out of the blimp and suffered injuries.

 The doctors confirmed about the pilot that he is out of danger. Although he suffered burns on his face and pain in his lower back and neck.

The landing was done in a remote field and there was no access to the road. The emergency department was instructed to get the crash site and take ATVs.

source: business insider

According to the reports confirmed, the blimp had a single man who was the pilot. Right before the crash the pilot parachuted out and made his safe landing. The site is under investigation by FAA and further information’s are unknown.

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