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Bill Weir was born with his birth name as William Francis Weir who was born in December 19, 1967. Bill birth place is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of United States. Bill is a television journalist and he is also working as an anchor CNN. Bill got a s sociated being as an anchor of the popular program Nightline located within United States. Along with this he also worked as a co-host being a s sociated to another program Good Morning America which was started from the year 2004 and lasted till the year 2010. The journey of Bill started from the year 1991 which is continued till the present context of time. Bill father himself was a businessman and his mother was working in a hospital as a nurse. Later Bill parents got divorced due to clatters raised among the married couple.

Bill completed his university level of education from Pepperdine University and his major subject for completion of education was in Journalism along with creative writing. Bill official career was started from appointing as a reporter as well as got a s sociated within KAAL located in Austin, Minnesota. Bill from the very time got offered working within WLUK where he got a good platform to elaborate his career. Furthermore, in 1998 till the year 2002 he was a s signed within KABC-TV within where he was sports anchor in the very time. Currently, linking within CNN he stated he obtained good career in his life. 

Bill Weir has limited information elaborated in his profile. There is no any dictation about his married life, wife and affair in his bio. It is guessed by his fans that he is married with holding similar background of nationality. Along with that he is good in playing cricket. Bill loves travelling and he is often caught travelling with his wife. But Bill never introduced his wife among the media. He has promised he will soon mention the name of the person with whom he having his happy married life. In one of the interview Bill explained that in early time he was interested in studying medical science but later his mentality changed in studying Journalism which he thinks is the best decision he ever made. There is no any further affair stories of Bill in his life besides his wife. 

Bill is a s sociated with Cancer activation program. He has also represented his country reflecting the issues related with cancer disease. Bill has also been speaker of various conferences and has made his active presentation being a s sociated with various types of organizations.

Bill height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall and he has absolutely amazing body with proper maintained styles. In the current context his salary and net worth is indicated to be higher than the previous year which is around 4 million American dollars in the year 2016. 

by sanjeet, 06 Apr, 2016

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