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Elizabeth “Beth” Kociaski was born in November 24, 1980. Elizabeth was born in Elimira, New York of United States and she is 35 years old in her age. Elizabeth is popular also because of her engagement within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and she is dictated as WWE Women’s Champion for the 3 times out in her life. Elizabeth parents belong from the polish descent and she also won the color context during the early age of 11 within World Wrestling Federation. Her family was earning a family restaurant and having a good source of income for the growth and maintenance of her family.

Elizabeth completed her education in the subject of criminal justice and public relation. She completed her education from Canisius College and this college was located in Buffalo of New York and she was very attentive student in her studies. She also worked as a waitress during her very early age before she got into the professional wrestling life. Beth also joined Notre Dame High School scholastic wresting for her training and her preliminary stage of her wrestling life. She completed her graduation level of education from 1998 and right after this she joined to wrestling school for the education. Later she was invited by WWE in the year 2004.

Elizabeth got married with her partner with whom she had an affair named Joey Carolan. Her husband Joey is also known with his stage name as Joey Knight. Elizabeth was also stated having affair with many of the boyfriends in her college days but later with her spouse Joey looking her bio she was having a fantastic time. But unfortunately with her every conflicts and misunderstanding raised with her husband led this couple to get a divorce. She is the mother of children who is equally proper in handling both of her professional life and her motherhood. She has never been into any rumor and controversy regarding her career and her likes and dislikes because of her sober behavior and positive feedback towards her fans. Elizabeth is straight in her sexuality and there is no any cross questions regarding this matter. She is also known with her ring names like Firebird, Phoenix, Beth Phoenix and Fabolous Firebird. Later, she got retire from her professional world of career in October 29, 2013.

Elizabeth with her height 5 feet 7 inches in tall and her weight is 68 kg. She is now very conscious with her weight and her body measurement. The salary of Elizabeth is also exclusive sum of amount that is around 2, 80,000 American dollars and her net worth are around 3.5 million American dollars.

Elizabeth is also seen within the social networking sites with her pictures works and her activities along with her personal accounts and other accounts and fan pages made by her fans. Mostly, she is viewed in twitter.

by Bchrome, 02 Feb, 2016

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