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Berniece Julien has gained recognition for her work as an entrepreneur and her connection to the entertainment industry through her marriage to Tyson Beckford.  

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Early Life And Educational Background

Berniece Julian(aka Berniece Beckford) has chosen to keep her date of birth private, thus withholding details about her age and zodiac sign from the media. Born in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, she holds British nationality and identifies with the Caucasian ethnic group, adhering to the Christian faith.

Lloyd Julien and Hillary Dixon Hall are her parents, but information about her siblings remains undisclosed. Childhood details are scant in the media, and while Berniece is a graduate of Huddersfield Technical College, she further pursued her education at the University of Huddersfield, earning a degree in Business Management.

About Julian's Ex-Husband 

Tyson Beckford (born December 19, 1970) is an American model and actor best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. In 1992, Erik Lauren Counsel of the hip-hop magazine Beckford stated that his career began as he was "minding his own business" in Manhattan's Washington Square Park when scouts from the hip-hop magazine. In 1993, Beckford was recruited by Ralph Lauren as the front model for the company's Polo line of male sportswear.

A picture of Berniece Julian with her ex-husband, Tyson Beckford.   A picture of Berniece Julian with her ex-husband, Tyson Beckford.  
SOURCE: Pinterest

Early photo of Beckford for Ralph Lauren Corporation by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca
Beckford was named "Man of the Year" in 1995 by cable television music channel VH1 and one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by People magazine. He was ranked at number 38 on VH1's 40 Hottest Hotties of the '90s.

Beckford co-hosted the modeling contest Make Me a Supermodel on the television channel Bravo with fellow supermodel Niki Taylor. Beckford judged and mentored the contestants of the first few episodes of the Australian version of Make Me a Supermodel with model and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

In 2012, he participated in Fox's dating game show The Choice. He was one of the judges on the British version of America's Next Top Model.

Married Life Of Berniece

Details regarding Berniece Julien's relationships are limited. She was once married to Tyson Beckford, a prominent American model and actor. Their private wedding ceremony took place in Grenada on January 4, 2007, but unfortunately, their union ended in divorce in 2009, without any children.

The specific reasons for their divorce remain undisclosed as Berniece has opted to maintain a level of privacy concerning certain aspects of her personal life. Currently, her relationship status is unknown, and she has not disclosed any information about her romantic life in interviews or on social media.

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Interests And Hobbies

Specific details about Berniece Julien's interests and hobbies are not explicitly outlined in existing sources. Insights into her background as an entrepreneur and business consultant suggest a probable focus on activities aligned with her professional pursuits. Likely interests include business consulting, strategic development, and entrepreneurship, expressive of a passion for launching new ventures. 

A portrait of Berniece Julian.   A portrait of Berniece Julian.
 SOURCE: Pinterest

Attendance at business events, ongoing learning through reading about business and personal development, staying abreast of industry trends, and engagement in philanthropic endeavors, supporting charitable causes, are potential facets of her personal and professional engagement. These beliefs draw upon her professional profile and suggest a multifaceted and purpose-driven lifestyle.

Professional Life And Career

Berniece Julien entered the business arena, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Holding diverse roles, including as a business consultant for multiple firms, she is notably linked to Prominent Status, an enterprise she founded and currently leads as CEO.

Julien's accomplishments have garnered widespread acclaim, featuring in publications such as Vibe Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Vogue. A sought-after speaker at business summits, she generously contributes to philanthropy, organizing events, and supporting various charitable causes. In essence, Berniece Julien is a versatile achiever who inspires aspiring individuals in both business and philanthropy.

Physical Appearances

This remarkable individual stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (69 inches) and weighs around 57 kg. She maintains a slender physique, with body measurements of 36-27-38 inches.

Berniece Julian's fair skin is accentuated by striking blue eyes and dark brown hair. In addition to her captivating physical features, she radiates charisma through her personality.

Berniece's Net Worth

In terms of wealth and income, Berniece Julian gained prominence through her association and marriage to the renowned American model, Tyson Beckford. Additionally, she operates as an entrepreneur based in the UK, opting to keep her professional details confidential.

Similarly, she maintains a high level of privacy in her personal life, including keeping her birthday undisclosed to the public. Regarding her financial status, her estimated net worth is approximately $1 million.

Social media Presence

Considering her engagement on social platforms, Berniece Julian appears to distance herself from the social media frenzy. She abstains from having accounts on any social media channels, opting to maintain a private stance on her personal life, steering clear of the limelight and media scrutiny.

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