Bella Hadid Faces Wardrobe Malfunction at Paris Fashion Week, Handles It like A Pro: Pictures

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 26 Jan,2018 Updated on 27 Jan,2018

 Get it straight, Hadid does not care for your intentions!
We have witnessed several wardrobe malfunctions on fashion runways where confident models struggle to keep it together.

Falls or wardrobe faux pas aren’t uncommon, however, when it happens to Supermodel Bella Hadid, that’s national news! Apparently?

Source: ETonline

It was a sudden OOPS! Moment for the supermodel who is in no way new to the ramps. While making her way down the catwalk in Alexandre Vauthier’s Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion show, the 21-year-old sensation suffered a ‘nip slip’- her left ni**ple popped out of her black bustier mini-dress.

Source: ETonline

 A literal show stopper, the kind you don’t want on the runway! But Hadid kept on walking confident and completed her ramp walk. 
She was in a black bustier mini-dress with a large ruffled blue gown and graced the ramp with her ‘I am the boss’ like walk all the while her left ni**ple was out for show. 

Source: ETonline

She was halfway when the black bustier mini-dress slipped and exposed her left ni**le. It is not Bella’s first time facing an incident as such- last year she encountered a similar malfunction, avoiding flashing the front row by placing her hand along the slit of her silver wrap-dress for her entire turn on the runway.