Becca Tilley Enjoys Being Single;Know About Her Affairs And Relationship

News by Saburo Published on 01 Jan,2018 Updated on 01 Jan,2018

The former Bachelor star Becca Tilley has spilled fact about her love life after she separated with her former beau Robert Graham while attending the End-of-Summer Bachelor Party on September 6, 2017. 

So now that she is talking about her romantic life, is she single? Or has she moved on with her life already? What do you think?

Is Becca Tilley single? Or is she seeing someone?

The 29-year-old, actress, Becca Tilley is happily single at present and how do we know that? Well, it’s Becca Tilley herself.

In an interview with Us weekly she stated that she is single and happy too. 

Becca Tilley at SIMPLY Los Angeles Fashion + Beauty Conference

Becca Tilley at SIMPLY Los Angeles Fashion + Beauty Conference

In the words of Becca Tilley 

I’m single and happy about it. I think it influenced my outlook on a lot of things. I think I’m very content with being single and waiting for the right one right now.

Happily unmarried!!!

Becca Tilley’s past affairs and relationships

Becca Tilley once had an alleged affair with Ben Higgins during their appearance in the 19 season of Bachelor. 

Though they were seen touching and kissing each other, they completely denied the fact that they were in any sort of relationship.

The 19th season runner-up Becca Tilley and The Bachelor’s star Robert Graham started dating towards the end of 2016 to which Becca stated

It’s fun. We’ve been friends for a long time and it was just a natural progression, and he’s just amazing and been patient with me… I need someone that’s patient and willing to deal with me, and he’s been that way. So it’s been fun, it’s been an easy transition.

Not only, Becca, even Robert gushed about her saying that he loves Becca and her family.

Becca Tilley with her ex-boyfriend Robert Graham

Becca Tilley with her ex-boyfriend Robert Graham

In Robert's words 

I love Becca’s smile. I love her personality. Her family’s actually pretty incredible. I like her family a lot. She’s just a genuine person, which is pretty rare.

Even their fans were pretty excited to see them together, but unfortunately, their relationship couldn’t last more than six months.

Quick Facts:

  • Becca Tilley was born on October 30, 1988.
  • She was born in Louisiana.
  • She is best known for being the runner-up in season 19 of the popular ABC series The Bachelor.
  • She has a massive Instagram presence with over 1.1 million followers. 
  • Prior to that, she worked as a chiropractic assistant in San Diego.