Be Known For Your Exceptional Customer Service Using Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Systems

News by Joey Jordan Published on 20 Feb,2019 Updated on 20 Feb,2019

A very integral part of your business is your customer base and clientele. It’s very important for every business to keep their customers happy and content to maintain a strong relationship with them. This leads to a higher customer retention rate and helps you build a loyal base of customers.

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 As customers are becoming more and more conscious today, it’s very important for you, as a business, to always make sure to live up to their expectations. In order to keep your customers happy and satisfied, you need to have a strong customer service management system that’s quick and responsive. By employing a good customer service management system, you can help build a sense of trust with your customers.

Whether customers are making a complaint, query or feedback, they expect a  quick response from you. Customer service holds the key to building an impression on your customers. In fact, good customer service can help you enhance awareness about your brand. By offering quick solutions to your customers’queries, you can create a great experience for them. This will push customers to spread the word in your favor and help build on your brand image. Your customer service management system should be top-notch and enable you to build a loyal and strong customer base.

You can use a cloud-based point of sale system to facilitate your customer service management. With the help of a point of sale system, you can easily deliver valuable customer service. Here are some of the ways by which cloud-based point of sale systems can turn out to be helpful in delivering customer service:

  • Most point of sale systems come with retail analytics, allowing you to track your inventories amongst various other things. It helps you arrive at a conclusion about the products or inventories that are selling more and those that aren’t. Instead of letting your own preferences dictate what products you stock up on, use analytics to take that decision. By offering your customers exactly what they want, you create the perfect customer experience.
  • With a cloud-based point of sale system, you can offer a streamlined transaction process to your customers. A bar-code scanning enabled software allows you to make the process quick and efficient. In addition, it helps you prevent making any errors that could possibly happen in the case of manual entries.
  • You can capture important information about your customers - all thanks to this point of sale tool! It gives you information on customer activity and previous purchases which helps you understand your customers’ tastes and preferences. You can use this information to plan out your inventories and products in the future. In many cases, this software also allows you to send out acknowledgment emails to customers.
  • You can also use your sales data gathered by a POS system. You can then monitor your staff to build an efficient store management system. By monitoring your staff-wise sales, you can track their performance and train them to be more efficient when dealing with customers.

Shopify’s point of sale software is one such tool you can rely on, for not just managing your transactions but also effectively carrying out your customer services. The tool is very easy to use and lets you track all credit and debit card payments. A great thing about this tool is that you can gather all your orders even without access to the internet. These orders get automatically synced with Shopify, allowing for a smooth process without interruptions.

The tool also collects your customer’s address and contact details during the checkout process. You can also add special requests and details by attaching notes to your customer’s orders. You also have the option of printing customized receipts for them to create a better in-store experience.

You can further enhance the overall customer experience by leveraging online promotions using discounts created from the Shopify Admin. You can also pull out reports on the performance of all your in-store and online promotions to create effective customer loyalty programs.

You can effectively manage your store with the help of data like order history, staff activity, refunds, cash float and more. You can also leverage this information to enhance your customer service delivery.

With Shopify point of sale system, you can build customer profiles with new orders, sync all your online and retail customers, and capture important customer information such as phone numbers emails during check-out. Most of all, you can use all the analytics to gain information on your sales and inventories to understand which products are your audience’s favorites and which aren’t.