Be acquainted with the net worth and salary of Bloomberg TV host Erik Schatzker

News by Clarence Published on 03 Aug,2016 Updated on 03 Aug,2016

Erik Schatzker is a Canadian anchor and editor-at-large at Bloomberg television. He hosts as a market Marker alongside host Stephanie Ruhle and also works as the host of the early-Morning newscast “Inside Track”. Inside track is a Program about an investment which is directed toward an audience in the United States.

Erik Schatzker's Brilliant Career

Erik Schatzker began working as bureau chief In Bloomberg and later worked as a features writer, editor, and reporter. In 2007, he started working in Bloomberg television and is still working. He started his career from the South Pacific mail in Santiago, Chile.

Erik Schatzker


Erik served as a correspondent in Santiago and Toronto for Knight-Ridder financial news before starting with Bloomberg television as a technology reporter in 1998. Schatzker has a high profile background in business news with years of experience covering many of the most demanding topics in the financial sector. 

Footage of exclusive interview of Carl Icahn about Donald Trump with Erik Schatzker  - BLOOMBERG

Erik has the biggest impression on Wall Street from the dot-com bubble to the subprime mortgage meltdown to the rise of the hedge fund criticism. Erik hosts the conversation with many of the world’s most powerful and influential investor, financiers and Policymakers in Bloomberg Television.

He interviewed many of the hedge fund legends such as George Soros, Well Fargo, Richard Kovacevich, Bear streams and Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs. He graduated in history from the University of Toronto and lives with his wife and two daughters in Brooklyn.

In Switzerland, he represents Bloomberg television at world economy forum. He has an experience of more than 15 years covering investing and the economy. He ran Bloomberg coverage of financial services in united states.

Erik Schatzker's salary and net worth

He is a smart as well as a highly attractive TV personality. His salary and income sources are expected to be very high. However, the internet and the media has very less information about the celebrity.

Schatzker has 15 years of experience of covering investing and the economy at Bloomberg’s coverage of financial services in the Bloomberg Television. Erik Schatzker's net worth is estimated to be around $4million and yearly salary is about $38K.

Besides all that, his wealth also includes stocks, properties and luxury goods such as yachts and private airplanes as well.