Bassist of Lionel Richie Ethan Farmer Stabbed Himself after Eating Cookies and Edibles

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 04 Jun,2017 Updated on 23 Jul,2017

The bassist from Lionel Richie’s band had a horrifying incident recently.

 The bassist had an unusual reaction after eating edibles.

Source: wynguitars

 He was found stabbing himself.  Tuesday at 10 PM a call was received by 911 where the caller reported of a stabbing victim.

Immediately paramedics ran to a San Fernando Valley apartment and the bassist Ethan Farmer was bleeding there.

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It is reported that farmer had taken either brownies or cookies and the reaction let him stab himself all over his body.

Farmer, who is 42 along with his friends were taking those edibles and suddenly farmer turned violent and started hurting himself.

Source: TMZ

He was then taken to the hospital and was in observation until Friday night. His condition is not known still but when TMZ talked to Ethan he did not speak anything except he is recovering.