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Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin, born on June 29, 1917, in Shelby, Mississippi, was a notable American gospel singer and pianist. She was best known as the mother of the iconic American singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin and as the wife of Rev. C.L. Franklin, a prominent American Baptist minister at the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit. 
Unfortunately, Barbara Franklin passed away on March 7, 1952, in Buffalo, New York, leaving behind a musical legacy that would influence her daughter's legendary career in the world of music.

Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin's Death Cause 

Barbara Franklin tragically passed away from a heart attack on March 7, 1952, at the age of 34 in Buffalo, New York, USA. Her untimely death left a profound impact on her family, including her daughter, Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Franklin's mother Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin's net worth was $5 Million  SOURCE: Find A Grave

The late American singer Aretha Franklin's mother Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin was buried in Forest Lawn, Buffalo, New York, United States

Who Was Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin's Husband? 

C.L. Franklin, originally Clarence Walker, adopted the name after his mother's remarriage. Known as the "Million-Dollar Voice," he led Detroit's New Bethel Baptist Church and was a national figure.

Engaging in civil rights, Aretha Franklin's father Clarence supported Martin Luther King Jr. and led a freedom march. Tragically, C.L. Franklin was shot in 1979 and remained in a coma for five years before his 1984 passing.

Did Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin Abandon Her Children?

Contrary to speculations, Aretha Franklin clarified that her mother, Barbara, didn't abandon her children after her separation from Rev. Franklin. Barbara relocated to Buffalo with Vaughn, and the family maintained contact through visits during the summer holidays.

Not only that but also, Barbara's trips to Detroit to see her children staying with relatives.

What Was Barbara Siggers Franklin's Net Worth?

Barbara Siggers Franklin was a wealthy American singer with a net worth of $5 million at her passing. Her primary source of income was her career as a singer. 

Aretha Franklin, her daughter, had a net worth of $10 million at her death in 2018, excluding the value of her intellectual property, likeness, music catalog, and annual posthumous royalty income of $3-4 million as revealed in estate battle documents.

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Married Life Of Aretha Franklin's Mother Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin

Born in 1917 in Shelby, Mississippi, Barbara Siggers married Clarence LaVaughn Franklin on June 3, 1936. A gifted pianist and renowned gospel singer, she actively contributed to church music while her husband served as pastor.

Aretha Franklin's parents Barbara Vernice Siggers Franklin and C. L. Franklin divorced in 1952.  SOURCE: Weiner Elementary

The former married couple Barbara and Clarence had five children together. They are Aretha Franklin (1942), Rev. Cecil Franklin (1940), Vaughn Franklin, Carolyn Franklin (1944–1988), and Erma Franklin (1938). Unfortunately, their daughter Carolyn Franklin is not with us anymore. 

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Who Was Barbara Franklin's Daughter Aretha Franklin?

Aretha Franklin, an American singer, songwriter, and civil rights activist, sold over 75 million albums. In 2005, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her transformative impact on music and cultural heritage, earning her the title "Queen of Soul."

On August 16, 2018, Rev. C.L. Franklin's daughter Aretha Franklin passed away in Detroit, Michigan, due to advanced pancreatic cancer.

Some Hit Songs of Barbara Franklin's Late Daughter Aretha Franklin

With a career spanning almost six decades, Aretha Franklin released 38 studio albums and 6 live albums. Her iconic songs which left an indelible mark in music history are: 

  • Respect" (1967)
  • I Say a Little Prayer" (1968)
  • Chain of Fools" (1967)
  • Until You Come Back to Me" (1973) 

Rev. Jasper Williams Eulogized Both Barbara Siggers Franklin's Daughter & Husband

Rev. Jasper Williams delivered the eulogy for Barbara Siggers Franklin's husband in 1984. In addition, he also delivered Aretha Franklin's eulogy at her funeral in 2018, marking their deaths over three decades apart.




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