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Ava Sangster was born to parents Mark Sangster and Tasha Bertram. Her father, Mark is a well-known actor who has been seen in movies like America Unchained, Take Me Out and The Detectives. Ava’s mother, Tasha is a ballet dancer, teacher, actress as well as a singer. Coming from a background of actors in her family, Ava was also interested in acting and was drifted into it at a small age. She spent most of her childhood days with her brother Thomas Brodie Sangster. She is of white ethnicity and American nationality.

Ava  and her brother came to the limelight of Hollywood at a small age. Her brother, Thomas is a prominent actor who has established his name in Hollywood as Jojen Reed in HBO series, Game of Thrones and by voicing as Ferb Fletcher in cartoon series, Phineas, and Ferb. Ava performs alongside Thomas in the band supporting Winnet. She is also known to have appeared in The Last Legion which is known to be her only movie appearance. The public wants to know more about Ava and wants to soon see her in the limelight. 

Ava is not of much age to get married. Sangster is currently not of much age. She does not have a long dating history, unlike many other celebrity kids. Ava is known to be quite bubbly and friendly with people. She, however, is reluctant on speaking about her personal life. She likes to keep her relationship status private. Ava is strictly under the control of his father. She is not usually seen with many men in the public.

Unlike many other teens of her age, Ava does not have a long list of boyfriends and affair. Her tender age and contagious smile depict that she is not of age to get married. Her parents seem to have Ava under control. She is not known for notoriety. But it is expected that in a few years, Ava will soon be seen with a boyfriend. 

Not much about Ava is known to the media as she has not acted for a while now. Ava stands tall at the height of 5 feet 7 inches. She has a pretty face and a perfect figure. Ava’s net worth has not been estimated to date but it is known that she is earning a good sum through her work in her field. She is often searched on the internet which shows people’s interest towards her and her acting.

 The public hopes to see more of Ava in the years to come. The bio and information of the lovely and talented Ava Sangster can be found on various social media sites including Tumblr, IMDb, Twitter and so on. 

by ab-utshav, 27 May, 2016

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