Australian Feminist Henrietta Augusta Dugdale honored by Google and featured on the homepage

News by Rajesh Khadka Published on 13 Apr,2017 Updated on 13 Apr,2017

The Founder of the first female suffragist society, Victorian Women’s Suffrage Society,  Henrietta Augusta Dugdale has recently been honored by Google and has been included on the Google's homepage with a doodle.

She was the first Australian to fight publicly for the rights of the woman and even published a letter in the Australian newspaper, Melbourne's Argus on April 13, 1869, discussing the rights of the women to property.

The cover of the Book about Henrietta Augusta Dugdale by Susan Priestley

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She has discussed in detail about gender equality and is believed to be the first Australian woman to do that.

Born in London, Dugdale shifted to Melbourne in 1862 to serve as the president of the Victorian Women’s Suffrage Society and demanded the equal political, social, and legal rights as men. 

Henrietta Augusta Dugdale

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Henrietta Augusta Dugdale even struck the court rules of Victoria through feminist Uptonian novel A Few Hours in a Far- Off Age published in 1883. Australia was compelled to grant women the rights to vote in 1992 for which she was credited the most. 

On April 13, Google doodle honored and noted: 

Today, we pay tribute to a woman who knew the power of her pen, and used it to fight for equal justice and rights for women.

Here is a Youtube video about the brief introduction of Henrietta Augusta Dugdale and her legendary works published by Google Doodle.

The tweet by The Guardian:

The pioneer of the women rights in Australia, Dugdale died at the age of 91 on June 17, 1918, at Point Lonsdale, Victoria.