Attorney Kate Kelly's Extraordinary Personal Life! Married History and Her Feminism Related Works Here!

News by Clarence Published on 01 Jun,2017 Updated on 01 Jun,2017

 Kate Kelly goes by the saying practice what you preach. An attorney by profession, she is a Mormon Feminist and has founded the Ordain Woman organization which advocates for the ordination of a woman in churches.

How would the married life of such an idealistic woman be like? We have information on Kate Kelly's personal life including her marriage, breakups and other stories!

Attorney Kate Kelly's Personal Life

An attorney like Kelly who has dedicated all her life to the women welfare doesn't have much time for romance, that's the norm anyway. But seems like Kelly knows how to handle multiple responsibilities well! 

Is Kate Kelly In a relationship?

kelly married to J. Neli Ransom in the year 2006 at Salt Lake Temple. But the relationship between these two did not work out and they faced divorce in 2015.

Kate Kelly and J. Neli Ransom

Kate Kelly and J. Neli Ransom


The End to the 9 long year relationship was made public by the lawyer via Facebook. The reason for the divorce is still under the radar. 

Do Kate Kelly and J. Neli Ransom Share Any kids?

In the nine long year relationship, Kate Kelly didn't have any kids with J.Neli Ransom. Could that be the reason for their divorce? Possible.  

The more interesting thing is that neither Kelly nor Ransom came up with the idea of adopting a kid. Hmm! Guess they never really had a good marriage! Given that they got divorced, not having or adopting kids was definitely a good idea!

Why is Kate Kelly Famous?

Kate Kelly was recognized only locally before 2013. What changed in 2013? Well, she founded Ordain Women, an organization whose main objective is to advocate for the ordination of women to the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sants.

Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly


When she founded Ordain Women, Kelly never imagined the local church leader would encourage her to cease her campaign again and again, but it happened all through 2013 till 2014.  She was excommunicated in June 2014 for absentia.

Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly


Weeks before her excommunication and even after, Kelly asked her followers to ''raise hell'' in the church. However, she later appealed her excommunication to her stake president at first and later to the First Presidency. Her appeals were rejected.


By the power I claim for myself & is vested in me by the State of Utah, I am delighted to pronounce you married.

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Currently, she is with her family, grandmother, and mother. She often shares on her Instagram that she is proud of the relationship between her mother and father who have been together for 40 long years.

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