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Atila Altaunbay, a name that may not ring a bell for many, caught the media's attention as the former husband of the iconic Jamaican singer and model, Grace Jones. He initially gained attention as a celebrity husband, but their connection with Grace began before their marriage.

What surprised many was that Altaunbay had previously worked as Jones' bodyguard. Eventually, he realized the dream of many by marrying the Jamaican singer.

Early Life and Background

Atila was born in Turkey in 1976 into a Muslim family. However, he was raised in Belgium by his parents.

Atila holds a strong belief in the Islamic religion and keeps his family life private, not wanting to reveal details about his family. He has a brother, but he respects their privacy.

Atila's Transition to Bodyguarding

One of the significant turning points in Atila's life was when he transitioned into the field of bodyguarding. This career shift not only brought him recognition but also set the stage for his connection with the famous Grace Jones.

Atila's life took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with Grace Jones in Belgium. Grace, the renowned Jamaican singer and model, offered him a unique opportunity—to become her personal bodyguard. This meeting marked the beginning of their professional partnership.

Who Is Atila Altaunbay's Wife?

As Atila and Grace spent a considerable amount of time together due to their professional relationship, they found a deeper connection beyond their working partnership. Love began to blossom between the two, and they started dating. What makes their story unique is that it was Grace who proposed to Atila for marriage just four months into their relationship. 

Atila Altaunbay and his former wife Grace Jones.  SOURCE: Amo Mama

Atila and Grace Jones tied the knot on February 26, 1996, in Rio de Janeiro. Despite Grace's flamboyant lifestyle, the couple opted for a private wedding ceremony attended by only 50 people. The wedding was officiated by a Presbyterian minister named Rubens Pires, and Grace looked stunning in a white lace bustier paired with tight white pants.

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Had A Honeymoon in New York

After Atila and Grace's intimate wedding, the newlyweds chose New York as their honeymoon destination. They even joined workout sessions together, showcasing their commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Atila's Family Tradition and Its Impact

A lesser-known fact about Atila's life is that his marriage to Grace Jones went against a family tradition. According to this tradition, the youngest son is not supposed to marry before the older one. 

By marrying Grace, Atila broke this tradition, and as a consequence, his family cut off contact with him. The former pair Grace and Atila tried to keep their marriage as secret as possible, but somehow, it got leaked to the press.

About Grace Jones' Past Relationships

Atila Altaunbay was the only person whom Grace Jones married in her life. However, Grace had a colorful romantic history before she met Atila. She shares a son named Paulo Goude with her former partner, French director Jean-paul Goude.

Atila Atlaunbay's ex-partner Grace Jones' son Paulo Goude. SOURCE: Pinterest

Paulo has followed in his mother's footsteps, working as a model and a singer in the band Trybez. He's married to one of his bandmates, Azella, and they have a daughter named Athena.

Why Did Atila Altaunbay & Grace Jones Divorce?

In 2004, Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay's relationship took a turbulent turn when they decided to part ways. Technically, they are separated, not divorced.

The reason behind their separation, as revealed by Grace in an interview, was Atila's changing behavior. He became increasingly insecure with the attention she received and started displaying odd behavior.

Things escalated to a critical point when Atila threatened Grace with a knife during a heated argument. This incident was the tipping point in their relationship. After the altercation, Atila left the house without saying a word, leaving Grace to deal with the aftermath of the incident.

What Is Atila Altaunbay's Net Worth?

Atila Altaunbay's estimated net worth stands at around $800 thousand. Unfortunately,  details about his current professional pursuits remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, he has managed to accumulate wealth through various endeavors.

As mentioned earlier, Atila was formerly Grace Jones' bodyguard. Additionally, he engaged in acting and modeling alongside his former wife, Grace. In contrast, Grace Jones boasts an impressive net worth of $7 million, primarily stemming from her successful careers in singing and modeling.

Career Of Atila's Ex-Partner

Grace Jones is a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, having achieved fame during the 1980s. She was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, on May 14, 1948, and later relocated to Syracuse, New York, with her parents and four siblings at the age of 12. She pursued acting studies at Syracuse University.

Atila Altaunbay's ex-wife Grace Jones is an iconic singer, model, and actress. SOURCE: Discogs

Jones had a multifaceted career, excelling as a model in New York and Paris, gracing the covers of prestigious magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Der Stern. Her venture into the world of cinema began in 1970.

As a musician, Grace Jones earned a Grammy Award nomination and achieved Top 40 hits on the UK Singles Chart with her songs. She became an iconic and highly acclaimed personality in her era, with even renowned stars like Rihanna citing her as an inspiration.

Early Career As A Pizza Delivery Guy

Before stepping into the world of bodyguarding, Atila worked as a pizza delivery guy while he was a student. His journey to becoming a well-known bodyguard began with humble beginnings, and his determination to build a successful career is evident in his path.

After that, Atila pursued formal training in various fields to enhance his capabilities as a bodyguard. He received training in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator), crucial skills in emergency situations. Additionally, he honed his martial arts skills, which are often essential in the world of personal security.


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