Astrid Menks Biography

Biography by Published on Updated on 16 Sep, 2019
Facts of Astrid Menks
Date of Birth: 1946
Birth Nation: Latvia
Name Astrid Menks
Nationality Latvian
Birth Place/City Latvia
Ethnicity Mixed
Net Worth $84.9 billion (Warren Buffett)
Married Yes
Married to Warren Buffett
Children N/A
Divorce N/A
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Astrid Menks gained worldwide attention following her marriage with Warren Buffett, one of the third richest people in the world. She is a former waitress at The French Cafe cocktail bar in Omaha, Nebraska, owned by her husband. Warren is considered one of the investment gurus and business tycoon. The credit of his tremendous success in the business world also undeniably goes to the supporting hand of Astrid.

Age And Nationality 

Astrid Menks was born in 1946 in Latvia, in Europe. She later moved to the United States and settled down in Omaha, Nebraska.

Astrid is a Latvian as per her nationality and ethnicity wise, she is mixed.

Career As A Waitress And Meeting With Business Mugol Warren Buffett 

Astrid Menks is a former waitress at The French Cafe cocktail bar in Omaha, Nebraska. There, she met her future husband Warren Buffett and his late wife Susan Buffett. Susan was an occasional night club singer at the same bar.

Around the same time, Warren's business career reached a new height and gained huge popularity which his wife apparently found overbearing. 

In 1977, Susan made her way to San Francisco to pursue her career in the music. She requested all her co-workers at the bar including Astrid to take care of her spouse before she left Omaha. Buffett quickly became close to his future wife Astrid after her caring attitude than other girls in the bar.  

The two started living together by 1978 at Mr. Warren's white stucco mansion in Omaha. Despite having an affair with Warren, Astrid respected Susan and Warren's marital relationship.

In fact, she and Susan became good friends and even agreed to share Warren. According to the Daily Mail, the trio also penned their signatures on Christmas card together. 

Thus, Warren and his wife Susan never divorced although they started living separately in 1977. The couple tied the knot in 1952, in a private wedding ceremony. The two were together until Susan's death in July 2004. 

CAPTION: Astrid Menks and her husband Warren Buffett SOURCE: Answers Africa

They have three children, a daughter Susan Alice Buffett, born on July 30, 1953, and two sons Howard Graham Buffett, born on December 16, 1954, and Peter Buffett, born on May 4, 1958. All of them are businessmen and philanthropist. 

Mariage With Warren Buffett On His 76th Birthday

A source close to the couple stated Astrid Menks lived with her now-husband Warren for over three and a half decades before getting married.

The loving couple tied the knot on August 30, 2006, on the occasion of Buffet's 76th birthday. They organized their wedding ceremony at Nebraska which also became the wedding of the year as the bride was 60 while a groom was 76. 

Net Worth And Earnings 

As there is nothing much to talk about Astrid Menks' professional life, it’s hard even to make an educated guess about her net worth. But being a wife of one of the richest persons, Astrid lives a nomadic lifestyle.  

Her husband Warren Buffett has an estimated net worth of around $84.9 billion, as of 14th Sep 2019, making him the third-wealthiest person in the world behind Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates respectively.

He has racked up the majority of his aforementioned net worth from his splendid business career. He is considered one of the investment gurus and most successful businessmen in the world. 

Buffett is paid around $100k a year, as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Source Of Income 

Warren Buffett mostly makes a fortune from his 18 percent interest in Berkshire Hathaway. He is the proud owner of nearly 300 thousand Class A shares and 150 thousand Class B shares of the company.

He also has millions of shares of both Wells Fargo and Seritage Growth Properties. Even with all of those holdings, his multinational conglomerate company Berkshire Hathaway plays a vital role in his earning as he makes 98% of his net worth from the company alone.

In 2019, the company made over $4.650 billion. Warren also bought 166.7 million of shares in Apple which worth around $28.2 billion, in May of 2018.

Houses, Assets, And Cars 

The investment guru Warren Buffett has a number of opulent duplexes all over the United States. In Dec 2018, the businessman sold his Laguna Beach house for $7.5 million.

In 2005, he also made $5.450 million from sales of his home located in California. The same year, he spent $690k on his Omaha mansion. 

CAPTION: Astrid Menks' husband Warren $11 million mansion in Beach House SOURCE: Bloomberg

Furthermore, Warren bought a $31k house for his wife Menks, in Omaha, in 1968. As of 2019, its value is around $11 million. 

The billionaire is also a proud owner of many expensive cars like Cadillac XTS (44,600), Cadillac DTS (42,000), Cadillac CTS-V ($86,995), Fisker Karma ($102,000), Range Rover ($89,000), and more. 


Besides, Warren is also a passionate philanthropic. In 2016, he donated a staggering $2.9 billion to non-profit organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation as well. He donates around five percent of Berkshire Hathaway to charity each summer.