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Aston Droomer is an Australian TV actor who has been making waves in the entertainment industry despite his young age. Born on August 7, 2007, this talent has managed to secure a place in the spotlight.

Let's delve into the life and career of this promising young actor, who is making a name for himself in the world of acting and entertainment.

Early Life and Interests

Aston Droomer was born in Australia, and he's a Leo, according to his zodiac sign. Holding Australian nationality, he has a diverse ethnic background, with European and Asian heritage.

From a young age, Aston exhibited a wide range of interests, including acting, singing, dancing, and drawing. Not only that but also he is even engaging in thrilling activities like riding dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and racing cars.

Aston Droomer having a quality time with his friends.  SOURCE: Facebook

Aston's journey into the world of entertainment began early. He started dancing at the tender age of three and ventured into acting at just five years old. Furthermore, he's dedicated to honing his vocal talents with the guidance of a vocal coach.

Aston's Has Not Revealed His Family Identity

Aston Droomer, despite his rising fame, has managed to keep his family life a well-guarded secret. He's maintained the anonymity of his parents, not revealing their names or professions. However, he did share that his mother has Asian roots, while his father hails from Europe. This multicultural background adds depth to his identity.

Moreover, Aston has a sibling, but the identity of this brother or sister remains undisclosed. It's clear that he values his privacy, focusing more on his burgeoning career than unveiling the details of his family.

Educational Qualification

Balancing a blossoming acting career with education is no small feat, but Droomer has managed it with dedication. While filming the show "The InBESTigators," he had to miss six months of school. However, he didn't let this affect his studies. 

Aston hired a private tutor to ensure he didn't fall behind in his academic pursuits. Even on set, the tutor was there to guide him through his schoolwork. Currently in the sixth grade, Aston is not only a talented actor but also a diligent student.

Aston's ability to excel in both academics and extracurricular activities showcases his well-rounded nature and commitment to his education.

Is Aston Droomer Dating?

As of now, Aston is too young to be involved in romantic relationships. He remains unattached and hasn't experienced marriage or engagement. His focus is firmly on his burgeoning career and education. Aston's leisure moments are spent enjoying quality time with his family and friends.

Aston Droomer posing with an Australian actress Abby Bergman during an event.  SOURCE: Instagram @astondroomer

While the future may hold possibilities for romance, at this stage in his life, he's content and focused on his single life. Aston is relishing his success and fame, and he's not actively seeking a romantic partner to complete him.

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What Is Aston Droomer's Net Worth?

Aston's acting career has been the primary source of his income. His role as Ezra Banks in the comedy-mystery series "The InBESTigators" garnered him recognition and financial success. In addition to acting, Aston has ventured into modeling and has appeared in commercials for brands like Kmart, contributing to his earnings.

Furthermore, Aston has a philanthropic side. He participated in Run the Runway, a charity event supporting children with cancer, where he modeled various outfits to raise funds for the cause.

Though precise figures are not widely available, some sources estimate Aston Droomer's net worth to be around $500 thousand, a significant achievement for a young actor with a promising future.

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How Did Aston Become Famous?

Aston's rise to fame can be largely attributed to his role as Ezra Banks in the comedy-mystery series "The InBESTigators." The show gained popularity on ABC ME and Netflix in 2019 and 2020, receiving rave reviews and even earning nominations, including one for the International Emmy Kids Awards.

Aston Droomer's net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand.  SOURCE: Instagram

This young actor Aston isn't limited to just acting; he's also a singer. He showcased his musical talents in stage shows such as "The King and I," "The Bodyguard," and "School of Rock the Musical." His versatility and talent are evident in his ability to seamlessly transition between acting and singing, making him a rising star in the Australian TV industry.

Fans of Aston eagerly anticipate his future projects in movies and TV shows, as his talent and charisma continue to captivate audiences.

Has A Supportive Family

Although Aston has chosen to keep his family's identity private, it's evident that his parents have played a crucial role in supporting his career. They've helped him strike a balance between his studies and work, ensuring he excels in both areas. 

While Aston's family names and professions remain undisclosed, their unwavering support has undoubtedly been instrumental in his journey to success.

Social Media Presence

Aston Droomer is an actor who knows how to navigate the world of social media. He maintains an active presence on Instagram @astondroomer, where he shares glimpses of his personal and professional life. With 29K followers, his content is well-received by fans who support his career.

Additionally, Aston uses Cameo, a platform where he offers personalized video messages to his fans for a fee of $25 per video, which he delivers within a week. This allows him to connect with his fans and bring smiles to their faces, showcasing his dedication to his admirers.

In conclusion, Aston is a young talent making a significant impact in the entertainment industry. His dedication to his education, thriving acting career, and diverse interests demonstrate a promising future. With his family's support and a growing fan base, Droomer is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the coming years.


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