Ashley James Admiring Her Changed Figure Posed In a Black Lingerie with a Pussycat

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 14 Jun,2017 Updated on 17 Aug,2017

The blonde beauty Ashley James was active on Instagram on Wednesday giving some revealing pictures.

She has been admired for her changed figure by her fans and yet again she proved it.

source: daily mail

In the picture, she was posing in a black lingerie with a pussycat beside. Addressing her fans she told about the favorite part of her bad. She said that creases on her thighs are her favorite.

With a confident message about her curves, she captioned the picture as:

'Morrrrning! My new favorite part of my body is the top of my thighs where they crease. I've never noticed it before, so if it's a new development, I'm embracing my body and the way it changes (or pizza, I appreciate you too).'

Ashley voices her confident body and one can see the tweet back a week ago she made. In the tweet, she slammed them who pointed out her looks at a London fashion week. 

source: daily mail

she tweeted: 'I'm getting so bored of walking around and men and women muttering insults under their breath about my body. My body is my body... It doesn't dictate my views, my personality, and my heart. I'm embracing my body and learning to be confident after years of being slut shamed.

And it takes so many guts to put on a figure hugging outfit that suits my body shape because I know I'll be sexualized and gossiped about... I CAN HEAR YOU!'