Ashleigh Banfield, the host of Primetime Justice, is happily married for 12 years now!

News by Saburo Published on 26 Oct,2016 Updated on 26 Oct,2016

American Canadian Journalist Ashleigh Banfield is well known for presenting the Primetime Justice in CNN Network. She is one of them who is recognized by her profession. Many people want to know her personal life if you are one of them your curiosity will end here.

 Ashleigh Banfield's Married Life

No, Ashleigh is not happy with the married life she recently ended her 12 years long marriage life with her husband Howard Gould.

The couple spent quality time together however, they separated and the main reason behind their divorce is that she has been an affair with Chris Haynor since two years. Now she engaged with her boyfriend Chris Haynor. We can found their picture in social site.

Chris Haynor, whom Ashleigh engaged on past August is an American Sales,Digital Marketing and Accounting expert. He is the tall and handsome boy who proposed her in the vacation in August with in front of family and friends.

He made a flex chart and wrote Ashleigh will You Marry Me? then show her  through his family, friends and, Ashleigh's children how romantic this is if someone proposes as this.

Haynor already celebrated fifty-second anniversary and very happy with her. But, they do not decide the marriage date till now but as per reliable source, they will marry soon.

Ashleigh's relation with  Ex- husband Howard Gould
Ashleigh met Howard  on 2002, who is the great-grandson of railroad contractor  Jay Gould. At first, they met in the Central Park whilst where they were walking with own Dogs.

Slowly they started to know better about each other and grew as a friend. They used to meet every single day was it love at first sight? or not we do not know but, it's sure they certainly began to meet after and dated up to two years.

They converted their affair into marriage in the year 2004. The couple spending best time together however, she ended after romantically linked with Future boyfriend Chris Haynor.

which seems that some people manage to Professional life in the public eye and still have personal life keep themselves. Ashleigh Banfield who is near to 50's has held the degree of Political Science. who seems very happy with her boyfriend Chris Haynor. She began her career as a local newscaster in her hometown.

Later she worked in MSNBC and Court TV up to and joined CNN in 2012. Now works in a CNN. This pretty journalist has numerous followers all over the world.