Ascertain the dating history & relationships about actress Emily Osment's brother Haley Osment

News by Clarence Published on 28 Oct,2016 Updated on 28 Oct,2016

We know you miss being updated about Emily Osment's brother  Haley Osment who played alongside Bruce wills in the 99's famous movie "The Sixth Sense". The oscar nominated actor took a long gap from Hollywood to complete his college education and now the young and handsome actor is back in the Big screens with many famous movies like Tusk, Entourage and sexed.

The actor is once again showing his magic tricks on-stage.  But what about his personal life and girlfriend? If you want to know all about his girlfriend and relationship then we are here with all of the answers.

News started exploding after he was spotted with a blond girl on Venice Beach on  4th of December 2014 but till today no one has been able to give the personal details on his secret girlfriend. 

The Paramore between Haley Osment and this blonde girl who he has been dating for more than two years will be unfolded to the world as we start picking up facts and piling up the information to our reader.

He is dating the Sexy Laura Crayton

The name of his secret girlfriend is Laura Crayton who works for the modeling industry. She goes by the name of "The white desert" so from now on you have a name of his girlfriend who is also a resident of LA and a struggling model.



Other than modeling she is also a film photographer, stylist, creative director  and fashion editor. These two couples are together from early 2014 and going strong in their relationship till today's date.

The media business is a rough business where young love gets no chance to be together every now and then but the couple seem to have it figured which should be the reason of hiding their relationship from the world. 

Sorry Haley, the World Knows

Despite their tireless effort to hide the smoke after igniting the flame has failed and the world has known about the affair of "The beauty and the Beast" actor and his model girlfriend. Our sources confirm that these two beautiful couples are still dating and they have no plans to get married any sooner.