Ascertain Luke Russert marital status along with her net worth and journalism career

News by Clarence Published on 06 Nov,2016 Updated on 06 Nov,2016

Luke Russert, an American journalist and correspondent, he is famed due to associated with MSNBC News network. He also reports the NBC Nightly news, Today and and so on. In addition, he served a host for several programs of MSNBC. Talented and handsome Luke has millions of viewers all over the globe. If you want to know more about him you are on right place, today we reveal his more information here.

Luke's Married life

NBC host Luke is one of those celebrities who has been hidden his personal life. Luke faced the rumor of gay after Mirror reported that  he said  yes from the rooftops of-of the Capitol. It was also claimed that Capitol Police takes out him from the premises. That time the rumor of his boyfriend was started, his boyfriend is Politico's Jake Sherman. But the fact is they are good friends.

Luke is enjoying with snow in a holiday

Luke is being a gay is just a rumor as there has been neither declared by him nor his friends. He has been hiding his girlfriend from the media and public and there is no information could find about his married life. We saw his many pictures but we could not find engagement or married ring in his hand which indicates that he is unmarried. 

Luke's net worth and salary

Luke is one of the youngest news presenters with the highest paying  salary amounted $500 K to a Million at times. He rejected the offer of $500K for MSNBC to feature on Meet the press. He able to collect net worth of over $9 million in young age. He is not facing any trouble to make money. We assure that his net worth will cross $10Millions soon. 

Luke's Professional Career

He pursued his journalism career from ESPN in 2008 , while he was graduating from Boston College. He worked as the co-host with James Carville on the sports talk show 60/20 Sports. After graduation, he was hired by NBC News and joined them as a presenter covering youth issues.

Luke also covered the 2008 Presidential Election. His report titled the impact of Barack Obama's win on young people was nominated for Emmy award for News and documentary. In 2009, NBC assigned him to cover the news about House of Representatives as a Congressional reporter. He has also covered the Hurricane Irene in 2011. 

Nowadays he is fame due to Criticised the  candidate of  Presidential Election  Donald Trump. He stated that Trump does not have a more knowledge of politics. He is not like by Washington people due to his progressive stance on the current political situation. He is regarded as ambitious and not follow the traditional method of anchoring. Also, most of the American people criticized him for his views on the current immigrant crisis and the drug war. 


Luke is the nearly early thirties and already reaching the height of his career. He is also active on the social site. On twitter, he has more than $200K fans. Many girls are die heart fans of him and want to date him. Till now he  is single and he is not a husband of anyone. We hope that he will soon marry or reveal his girlfriend to the media.