Ascertain Italian YouTuber Marzia Bisognin's Net worth along with her sources of income, here

News by Clarence Published on 10 Nov,2016 Updated on 10 Nov,2016

Marzia Bisognin,widely known as CutiePieMarzia, was born in  Vicenza, Italy on 21 October 1992. She is a risingYouTuber, fashion designer,  writer, and a video blogger. The stylish and funny YouTube superstar have a tongue taste of big success in the early age of 24.

So, if you wonder how does the diva in cases her money then it is from her ads and collaboration with YouTube itself. However,  if you want to know how she spends money than we are here today, to quench that curiosity and break down the YouTube star's personal life.

Statics of her fame

Her youtube channel has more than 6.6 million subscribers and the total view on her videos are 503.5 million. Guess how many products will kill to get linked with a source of 2.2 million viewers? Moreover,  the transactions are looked after by her promoter company called Revelmode (Maker Studios).

Let's take a look at CutiePieMarzia's professional success

The Italian beauty queen recently resides in Brighton, England, with his boyfriend and a famous YoutTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg .

People like her very much and follow her YouTube channel all over the world. Her simple DIY's make-up tutorials and funny videos are exposing her talent as well as promoting her brand. Recently, YouTube has forwarded the partnership and has begged for her presence.

She is a pro-YouTuber and has her hands in everything from Fashion, beauty, make-up, to DIY books, movies, haul as well as vlogs and gaming. The UK-based vlogger has a line of clothes and fashion products running under her umbrella which has turned into a brand name in four short years.

She is linked with some famous brands like Tarte, Clinique, Leaders Cosmetics USA which pays huge royalties for her support towards the products. She runs an online shopping  site and owns a shop named Maker Shop in central London. 

Salary and Net worth

The beautiful young Italian women is an iconic figure who has ruled youtube and cashed her dream of living a better life. So, if we consider her online sales and income from three different successful YouTube channel as well as her videos and blogs, we can crown this princess with the huge net worth of $2 million.


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Though the funny girl has no stable source of monthly salary but her bonds with big brands, she earns $516,700 per month.