Armstrong Williams' Net Worth Is $200 million for 2017-Property and Income sources. Sexual Harrasment Case Details!

News by Valdemar Published on 14 Dec,2017 Updated on 14 Dec,2017

Armstrong Williams is not only an entrepreneur but also a renowned American political commentator. Williams is a man of many professions, that makes him a man of wealth as well. 

He is an author of a nationally syndicated conservative newspaper column and is also the host of a daily radio show and a nationally syndicated TV program called The Armstrong Williams Show.

So, how much is media mogul Armstrong Williams' net worth? Perhaps a fortune? 

How Much Is Armstrong Williams’ Net Worth?

SiriusXM radio host and owner of seven television stations, Armstrong Williams has an estimated net worth of $200 million.
Seeing all his businesses that he holds, many occupations he has had and his involvement in various sectors, we aren’t surprised, not at all!

Armstrong Williams with mother Thelma Howard Williams

Armstrong Williams with mother Thelma Howard Williams

Apart from his media involvements, Williams also owns 200-acre hog and tobacco farmed in South California. 

Another source of his income that adds to his huge empire is his company Howard Stirk Holdings I & II where he is the founder, CEO and the sole owner. For his role as the CEO of the money, Williams makes around  $13.8 million every year.

Armstrong Williams with Ben Carson

Armstrong Williams with Ben Carson

Moreover, according to the Payscale, Chief Executive Officers in the United States get bonuses around $146K. 

Also, in 2005, Williams was paid $240,000 to promote the controversial No Child Left Behind Act.Though he is a low key person, Williams doesn't fail to express how grateful he is for his friends and family:

On Townhall, The Paradox of Abundance, Armstrong Williams stated:

When considering all of the material abundances we have been blessed with this Thanksgiving, let us be more mindful of the source.  God appears to us in our friendships and our relationships with his fellow creatures.  Let us not place material things above love and camaraderie. Many of my dearest friends lost a parent in 2017.  I lost my friend David Modell this year.

He added,

My beloved mother passed away April 7 and the devastation of that loss continues consistently everyday with no end in sight. My mother’s sister Ruth and brother Roosevelt also died this year. I am thankful for the riches they brought to my life.  They are and continue to be my most cherished fortune.

A man thankful for his riches and humble enough to be grateful to people around his is a man who deserves it all. Seems like Armstrong Williams is a deserving enough man. 

Armstrong Williams’ Sexual Harassment Case Ends After A Year

Charlton Woodyard accused Williams of sexual harassment saying he asked for sexual favors after befriending and monitoring him.

According to sources,

Williams grabbed Mr. Woodyard’s weapon through his pants and said to him, ‘you got small feet, small hands … and an oversized weapon. How does that work? How is that possible?

According to the court records, Armstrong Williams and Charlton both settled their case in December 2016. Debra S. Katz, Woodyard’s attorney issued the statement in the court saying that both the parties met and discussed their differences and that they have resolved it on mutual satisfaction, however, the terms of the resolution were kept confidential. 

Quick Facts:

  • Armstrong Williams was born on February 5, 1962 (age 55).
  • He was born in Marion, South Carolina, U.S
  • He was born to Thelma Howard Williams and James Williams.
  • He graduated from South Carolina State University in 1981.
  • His actual career as a media personality started when Williams was appointed by President George W. Bush to the President's Commission on White House Fellows in 2004.
  • Williams received his B.A. in Political Science and English.